Thursday, October 6, 2011

Auction No Go :-(

No auction result I'm afraid. Real estate man came around the night before the auction and said that 3 people were going to the auction but only 1 was going to bid, he also said that her absolute top bid was going to be $165,000 less than we got offered back in April. That offer fell over because Jaffa the cat had failed his rabies jab so it would add another 1 month to the settlement date, the purchaser couldn't handle that and pulled out.
A very expensive cat!

So after a long deliberation (2 secs) we knocked back her crap offer, so there was no point going to auction.
So now we have gone straight for a sale price and will keep on advertising for a few weeks. If still no offers we will probably take it off the market until the prices sort themselves out. It really is quite strange because Australia is going very well compared to the rest of the world, mainly because our Chinese friends buy all our coal, iron ore and other such minerals as in copper zinc etc, so along as China is OK so are we.
But this hasn't stopped the housing market from being spooked, so it seems that all the buyers are looking for bargains and are trying to help the poor house vendors by taking it off their hands for a fraction of what its worth.

So are we bitter? A little, but as the canals have been around for 200 years I think they will wait a little longer for us to join them.

One person who was very happy was my boss, as we will probably be around for a bit longer.

We told Bombo about the nasty lady that was taking the piss, and what can I say, this is all that's left of her.........

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  1. Sorry to hear of your disappointment - at least things there can't be as bad as they are here, and going to get worse. It is dire! Normal folk are now having difficulty buying every day shopping and can't afford to run the heating in their homes. Although it is a good time to buy a narrowboat. A desperate owner near us let her 2008 Aqualine 57 foot semi-trad go for £35K last month, about £40K cheaper than it should have been.

  2. Well on the bright side at least that's Bombo's food bill sorted for another week! LOL

  3. We decided to rent our house whilst we're away and on the canals and hope the market has recovered in 5 years. Finding a tennant wasn't too much problem.