Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Little Bit of Good News And A big Bit Of Bad News

  The good news is I have finished my 13 sessions of radio therapy and two sessions of stereotactic knife surgery on my remaining brain tumours.

Basically it was all pain free apart from having my face squashed in by the mask when undergoing the brain tumour ops.

I made it as easy as possible by renting an apartment right next to the hospital for two and a half weeks, as I didn't fancy travelling to the hospital everyday, I dont think I could of done it

It did go a little pear shape  after the first week, on the last day of treatment they gave me a blood test, it came back bad my kidneys were failing, I was admitted to hospital for the weekend, they put it down to the extreme heat in London causing dehydration plus after effects from chemo.

After that my sister Jackie stayed with me in the apartment for a few days followed by my niece Hayley. They wanted to make sure that I was eating and drinking properly.

They both did a splendid job!

Niece Hayley and sister Jackie

Niece Hayley and moi
I even get to keep the mask!!

So far so good the side effects have been nowhere near as bad as the chemo side effects, I have had nausea and extreme fatigue and tiredness but they are getting better. They should wear off even more in a couple of weeks. I do have to go to a renal clinic next Tuesday to check out my kidneys.

Im feeling pretty good, nowhere near 100% but a definite improvement. 

I have a wedding to go to in  Cyprus early September, Im now a lot more confident that I will make it.

The Bad News 

My sister in law, Elaine's lovely sister Julie passed away last week

She was such a lovely lady lady just like my Elaine. She had been battling against bastard cancer for nearly seven years .

A few pics.......

A very sad loss  RIP Julie  XX