Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016....What A Crap Year

At the end of each year I do a blog post about what what has been happening during the year, for the last few years it's been fun, lots of adventures and all in all very positive.

What can I say about 2016........It's been crap!!

Without a doubt the worst year of my life, the only good part about it is that I will never have to go through a year like that again!

Of course Im talking about losing Elaine, there really isnt much I can say, as I have said it all already on previous posts.

Obviously I'm coping ok and getting on with life, but it doesn't compare one iota to my previous life before Elaine's death. Now I just go through the motions, I know I have become lazy, I know I have lost interest in virtually everything, it is very very hard. The hardest thing for me personally is thinking that I will never be that happy again, its a strange thought, but I know that there is noone on this earth that can compare to her.

However I am incredibly grateful to have had her in my life for 21 years, I am also very grateful for the support I have received from friends, relatives and virtual strangers from the social media world.

I Am grateful that she had a nice peaceful death and I was with her constantly right to the end.

Im deeply indebted to The East Cheshire Hospice for their extraordinary care of Elaine, me and the boys.

One thing for certain is that whatever happens in 2017 it will always be better than 2016.

Sorry about the miserable post, good job I didn't have a drink before I wrote it......then you would all be slashing your wrists!!

I will finish by leaving you with a few pics of  the love of my life, I have put her principles of living her life right at the end, I do try to live by them myself, somedays I dont succeed!

Have A Wonderful 2017 Lovely People.