Friday, October 21, 2016

A Most Excellent Adventure

After yet another full english in the van, this time cooked by Mattie we headed off to the rock leaving the dogs in the van. I had checked the weather and it was going to be an overcast day , which was good for leaving the doggies behind.

We wandered through the streets, deliberately not going in any shops!

We found the Trafalgar graveyard which is the final resting place of some of the casualties of the Battle of Trafalgar.

For some strange reason we decided to walk to the top of the rock!!

The views going up were stunning. 

The moorish castle, not moorish as I want some more but built by the moops moors in 1500s 

We walked higher to the WW2 tunnels but the tours were all fully booked, so further up the rock we went.  

Mattie having a rest. 

The views were superb, it would have been even better on a sunny clear day but I dont think I would have made it if it was hot! 

Next stop was the Great Siege Tunnels, we spent about an hour walking through them. 

After that we headed for the summit, I would have to say its the hardest thing I have done in years.

I wasn't out of breath but my legs started to turn to jelly.

We met a lot of the monkeys on the way up and had to squeeze past some of them on the narrow steps.

It is a fantastic view once you get to the top. 

It was still quite misty so we couldn't see Morocco. 

After resting up the top for a while we caught the cable car down.

Once at the bottom we stopped at the Lord Nelson pub for a couple of pints and dinner.

We had a clear run back to the motorhome, back across the runway. 

We are moored up in the marina, these are our neighbours. 

We will head off tomorrow, just not sure where yet!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


We were up at a reasonable hour this morning, after the full English in the van we went for a swim in the med, we were only parked up a few feet from the sea.

After a tub under one of the beach showers we hit the road to Gibraltar.

We only stopped once  for fuel so we were in Gibraltar or should I say la Linea by late afternoon.

The motorhome parking area is a few hundred metres from the border crossing, it cost 12 euro a night which I reckon is a bargain.

We took the boys for a walk over to Gib and had to wait behind the barrier whilst a BA plane took off back to London. The road to the rock crosses the active runway so it makes an interesting crossing.

The military band was getting ready to take part in the ceremony of the keys, rather than hang around and wait to watch it  we went for a drink.

Tomorrow we will have a good look around the rock, We are going to leave the boys in the van as they were getting quite tired today, and tomorrow we want to have a good explore.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Off To Gibralter

My best friend from Oz arrived Monday. I have known Matt since 1996 when I gave him a job at the marine workshop that I was running. He is now the head man of the Sydney Ferries maintenance division.

He was coming over to give me  some support since Elaine's death, plus to give himself a break from a very  demanding and stressful job.

We have had a couple of days just chillin, eating and drinking, but today we decided to jump into the motorhome and head off on a road trip.

We decided to head off towards Gibraltar, but by the time we had stocked up the van with food and booze it was 15.00.

We drove down to Cabo De Gata where we parked up on the beach.

There are only three motorhomes here and it is lovely and quiet.

We went for a walk along the deserted beach.

Then it was time to sit in a beachside bar and watch the sun go down

Tomorrow we will head off to Gibraltar.

Friday, October 14, 2016

More Of The Same...

I have had a lovely day today.

It has consisted of walking the dogs on the beach.

Having a swim. 

Reading and just laying in the sun. 

More walking the dogs 

I just love it here. 

I also polished the front of the van and removed all the dead bugs.

A lot of vans are here now, but they are all a nice bunch. 

There is a young French couple opposite me, I feel very sorry for them as they dont seem to be able to afford any clothes and walk around bollocko !! I have a good mind to complain!!  

I went for a drink at the little chiringuito (beach bar) and got talking to a lovely couple from Southport, they are taking their motorhome across to the Canary Islands for the winter.

They are moored up in the next cove, so I walked around there tonight for a chinwag, they told me of a good motorhome parking spot at Gibraltar, so that's the next trip sorted. 

It was pitch black when I left them, I forgot my torch so they lent me one of theirs, otherwise the walk back along the cliff top could have been a bit dodgy.

I will head back to Mojacar tomorrow.

Its been a lovely couple of days it would obviously have been so much nicer to have Elaine with me as this was her favourite spot. Unfortunately that's not going to happen anymore, but it has done me the world of good to get away. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Taking The Motorhome Out For A Few Days

Life is still good, I still cant put my finger on why all of a sudden I start to feel more optimistic, my theory is that it has finally sunk in that she has gone and I have to carry on without her. Strangely I have just started dreaming about her which never happened at all in the first couple of months since Elaine's death. 

I have been down the beach a few times, the weather this time of the year is superb, bit more about that later!

I have also been going down to the Emerald Isle on a regular basis, having a beer or two and watching the football is very therapeutic, especially watching the England football team....groan! 

The last two Wednesdays I have gone to Scotty's bar where they hold a quiz, I have joined a team of poms and good friends that has now grown to 13 players, because we had so many we were split  into three teams, last night all our three teams came second last on 38 points!! We are a very evenly matched group of dimwits!

As I am pretty much up to date with getting all Elaine's stuff sorted in he house I thought it was about time I went on a road trip.

I took the motorhome to the quiz last night then when that had finished I drove to the Emerald Isle and parked it up opposite on the sea front. I didn't have to far to go after having a few drinks in the pub, just across the road!  

Whilst in the pub I had a late dinner!

Bombo fell asleep at the bar!

The plan was to get up early and get moving, but in the night there was a massive storm, it absolutely bucketed down with mega thunder and lightning...very very frightening me, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo Figaro... 

By the time it had finished is was nearly 10.00am, it was the first heavy rain in four months!

I took the dogs for a walk along the normally pristine paseo before I headed off, all the crap had been washed down from the hill across the pathway, the workers wont blow that away with their leaf blowers!

I headed off to my dear Elaine and mine favourite spot, La Carolina beach, it is very popular with the European motorhome crowd, there is a servo just a few ks away where you can dump your waste and fill with water so it is a perfect spot.  Can you just imagine somewhere like this in the UK or Australia for that matter where you can park up for absolutely nothing, no time restrictions, dog friendly, a baker comes around in his van in the morning with fresh bread and cross ants etc.

Its a nice 40 minute drive up the coast, it was still raining lightly when I left so the roads were a bit slippery.

By the time I had moored up at the beach the storm was heading away over Aguilas.

They have built a new stairway down to the beach since we were last here. 

I went for a good walk with the boys along the clifftops, there is also motorhome parking in the next cove. 

Bombo led the way whilst I walked behind with Sammie, who is getting better but I fear he will never be 100% again, but there is no way I want to risk an operation on his spine and have a paralysed dog or worse, I have had enough bad kaka this year to last me a lifetime. 

There is also a beach bar that is still open so I will pop down later and partake in a couple of bevies. 

As I am finishing this up the sun is now out so the solar panel will be soaking up some rays.

Life is good XXX

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Glimmer Of Light

When we took over the villa in December last year, the chap left everything behind and I mean everything, included in all the goodies was a motorbike.

In any other county it is a simple job to change the ownership, but this is Spain and they love their paperwork and bureaucracy.  Before I can even consider putting the bike in my name I had to get an NIE number, it is basically a identification number for us immigrants. I had applied months ago and was on a 3 week waiting list, then of course the kaka hit the fan and we returned to the UK.

I had  an appointment in Almeria 2 weeks ago to apply for the NIE and today I picked it up, I now have to wait about another 2 weeks whilst they send away the paperwork to put the bike in my name, its a good job I'm not in a hurry, plus after all the things that have happened lately I dont get stressed over such trivial matters. Even the Spanish just shrug their shoulders and say its Spain get used to it!

And here it is....A bit of paper.

I have been getting a bit more done in the house, I changed Elaine's massage room back to a bedroom, it was sad doing it but it was just a waste of a room, I sold her trusty massage table to a local chap. 

My friends down here have been fantastic, I am invited out nearly everyday but decline mostly as I'm still not completely ready for going out everyday, I do go out a few times a week and the company is great, we have good chats and they all understand completely when it gets too much and I bolt up the hill to my seclusion. I met up with an old School friend from Luton who has a unit down here, he flew down two weekends in a row, so we had a good catch up.

I have been back down Ankara with some friends and Bombo, its a really cool beach bar with some great music, if the demand is there they are going to keep open during the winter, I really hope so. 

I bought a case of Landlord with me from the UK, I'm down to the last two bottles.

I sat up on the terrace today and knocked one back, its still very warm so I only stayed up there for 30 mins, then it was back into the shade. 

This is my place from the track above, as you can see going from a narrowboat then a motorhome I have so much space to swing a lot of cats. I am very lucky and really appreciate living here, I dont know how long it will be for, but at the moment its perfick. 

I have also given the van a good sort out as I think I will take off for a couple of days. My best mate Matt from Oz is coming out on October 17th for a couple of weeks, I think he is looking to have a good break, he is in charge of the Sydney Ferries maintenance division has been overseeing a multi million refit of one of the Manly ferries so it will do him good to de stress.  

One of Elaine's nieces is currently working in Marrakesh for a few months so I'm hoping to fly over there and check it out and catch up with her, just got to sort out some dates and flights.

So overall I think I am slowly getting there, still miss her of course and always will but Im starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week Two In Mojacar.

I have now been back two weeks today, blogging hasn't taken a priority as I just haven't felt up to it.

Im still near the bottom of the roller coaster and ever so slowly climbing up again, it wished it would speed up a tad!

I have just about finished sorting out all Elaine's bits and pieces, it takes me forever as I constantly stop and read a piece of one of her diaries or just sit looking at old photos etc.

So far all the clothes and shoes have gone to the local animal charity shop, all her old course notes have been recycled, there was boxes of them. I have sorted all her jewellery into little packs to be given to friends and relos when they visit. 

I also have boxes of notes that relate to her business back in Oz, as a lot of these are a bit sensitive in nature I will wait until it cools down and burn them on the log burner. 

I have been desperately trying to stay positive as Elaine wanted me to but have been failing quite regularly. 

I have been socialising but dont stay out too long and tend to run back up the hill to the villa and contemplate my navel.

I have been down the Samoa Surf beach bar a few times.

Its the most perfect location, but will be dismantled in the next couple of weeks as the season is over and they must clear the beach. 

We had a nice lunch down there a few days ago, it was cooked by Wendy and Barry the Canadians,  a Spanish couple also supplied some food, the premises are owned by a dutch couple, it was a right little United Nations get together. 

I took the boys for a walk on Macenas beach which is a 5 minute drive south of Mojacar, its usually deserted so I just let them runaround, Mojacar is in the background. 

The beach beds and umbrellas are starting to disappear as the holiday season is officially over, its quite amazing really as the weather now is probably the best of the year, its not to hot and cools down nicely in the evening.  

The new paseo is open so I have been taking the boys for a stroll along it. 

From the paseo you can see my place on the hill, the villa is called El Nido which is Spanish for The Nest.

Its the white one  in the middle of the pic.

And zooming can see why its called the nest!

You can also see its pretty big, after living in small spaces for the last 4 years or so its certainly different. It keeps me busy just cleaning it.

But its so lovely to just sit up here and gaze out to sea and imagine how different it would have been to have my lovely Elaine sitting here with me.... :-( 

I have also been going down to a local beach bar called Ankara, its one of my favourites as it sits right on the beach and they have some good bands on. 

I took Bombo down there last night for a couple of drinks and was soon joined by five friends, it was a good night. I left Sammie at home as for one its too far for him to walk with his bad back and two he totally freaks out with any sort of noise.

I have found the old Aussie flag and flagstaff that flew off of the stern of Caxton.

It is now flying proudly over El Nido.