Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Short Lunch

After another one of our usual late nights, it wasn't till about 09.00 that I took the doggies for a walk along the prom, as you can see there is no rush-hour it is absolutely deserted.

The beach was deserted.

Its not a problem by any means, I just find it odd that it is a virtual ghost town. When we lived in Oz, we lived in a tourist area, which in the winter became quiet but never like this, plus in Oz it would turn relatively cool but here the weather is fantastic, but still very few tourists. We noticed the same thing last October when we visited some properties in the Torrevieja reason, it was a ghost town. 

The hotel below has shut for the season, lots of the bars will be shutting down soon, Murcia airport is virtually closed and Almeria airport isnt too far behind. as I said it doesn't worry us we just find it odd.

I think we find it strange that it is so quiet is because as soon as we sold the motorhome Elaine banged off about 20 emails enquiring about holiday lets in all areas of the Spanish coast, we received three replies, so we thought wow it must be so busy down there. 

Mind you it will worry us if all the bars shut!

The weather is still fantastic, but is just a bit too warm at the mo 40 degrees is just taking the piss, it is supposed to cool down to about 23-26 degrees which will be a lot more pleasant.

We popped into the main part of the town just before lunch as Elaine had a medical check up with a local GP, she was due for a check up at Manchester today, but we didnt want to hang around and wait. It did cost us but not too much and still a lot cheaper than Oz.

After the visit to the Doc we treated ourselves to lunch at Tito's, we had the abridged version today of only one and a half hours. Tito's  is closing for the season early November and reopens in March.....

Bombo did embarrass us as a black cat which lives in the restaurant walked across the floor, he took off after it and jumped up on the rocks trying to kill it, I thought Elaine had his lead and Elaine thought I had it. No harm done he is to slow in this heat. It created a bit of a stir in the restaurant though.

Tonight I will walk down the road and watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid in one of the bars, plenty of bars showing the footy so no complaints there.

Congratulations to Ray and Leonie off of NB Firefly NZ on the purchase of their lovely new motorhome.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hoy hemos tratado de aprender un poco de español

We had a Spanish lesson this morning whilst having brekkie at the Beachcomber cafe, the class has already been running for about 5 weeks so we are a bit behind.

After our one hour lesson we drove up into the hills to the little village of Bedar.

A very Spanish village, the reason for that is that we are in Spain! 

What I really mean is that it is not a tourist village,

By now it was about 13.00 and very hot, the locals were in their shuttered up houses keeping cool.

Only mad dogs and a  English women would be using a gym in the midday sun!

Elaine started to melt so we headed back to the car, we left the village and its 37 degree heat to head back to the  coast.

We weaved our way back through the narrow village streets.

Elaine hung her head out the car window with the dog to cool down.

This afternoon Elaine had a siesta whilst I went down the beach for a swim, it was a much more pleasant 28 degrees here on the coast, 37 is way too hot!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Long Lunch

Our only plan for today was to meet up with fellow bloggers, Peter and Margaret from NB Kelly Louise fame.

We have been communicating since we first started our blog back in 2011 and nearly met up with Peter and Margaret when they were on the Oriana world cruise back in February 2012.  They had moored up in Sydney but we were in the middle of mad packing getting ready to go to the UK at the time, so couldn't make it to see them.

They now own a motorhome as well as a narrowboat so we were going to have plenty to chat about.  They are presently staying in a unit near Almeria, which is about an hour's drive away.

The plan was to meet at Tito's Chiringuito at noon.

Well chat we did and had the most fantastic lunch and catch up.

There was no slowdown in the chat ... we covered every subject on the narrowboating and motorhoming spectrum and never mentioned toilets once!

Sammy had no problems being fussed ...

 It turned out to be a very long lunch ... we called it quits six and a half hours later!!!!

The food and drink was superb and all at very reasonable prices ....

Thanks for coming to see us guys.  It was so good to meet you at long last ... hopefully we will do it all again one day!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Where Do We Go To My Lovely...

 It was yet another lovely warm day today and, as per usual, we went for our morning walk along the deserted prom ...

Hello......where are you......

After our walk we decided to treat ourselves to a brekky at the Beachcomber's cafe, which was lovely.  We then drove down to the central part of the town which is about 2 miles from where we are.  Interestingly, there were a few people about, and mostly Spanish at that.  It seems that they like the central part of the town, where the main shopping centre is, not the outskirts.

It seems the area that we are staying is a popular haunt for the wintering Pom.  We haven't seen or heard any squawking Cloggers or sun bed stealing Germans at all!

We then drove along the coast to Vera playa, which was, once again, absolutely deserted.

This street is one back from beachfront.  There were probably about 60 houses and 5 cars!  It's very different to the crowded terraces back in the UK ...

After our siesta (well, mine!) we went down the beach for a swim.  |Well, that was our intention but we didn't end up going in as the ocean had turned a bit angry and Elaine said she wouldn't save me if I got into trouble!  So ... we just lazed on the sand instead!

On the way back from the beach we thought we would pop into Tito's beach bar but it was packed!  We couldn't get near the bar at all.  They had a turn playing, whose name was Clive Sarstedt, the brother of Peter ... he even plays his songs!  Apparently he lives locally and his a regular muso at Tito's.  He is obviously a big draw card for Tito's ... it is the most packed we have seen any bar since we have been here!

We gave up on getting a drink the and went back to the flat, where we had dinner out on the balcony ... lovely!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Don't ask me why but Elaine was up at 03.00..... but she did get a nice pic of the moon ...

We then did a swap, Elaine came to bed and I got up and took a pic of the sunrise ...

In the afternoon we went for a little drive down the coast.  It was a rough old dirt track, but no problem for the mighty Citroen ...

We thought if we kept on going we would find a deserted beach ...

Once again the med was sparkling ...

Sammie had his head out of the window enjoying the warm air ...

It is a very barren landscape, but with this heat you cannot expect the green fields of England.....its more like Mars!

Then we spotted it......the deserted beach!  The problem was that it wasn't deserted, it was a nudist beach!! 

Elaine went for a swim with her cossie on ...

With her sidekick Bombo watching on ...

I went the full monty!!

After a couple of hours of nakedness we headed back to base, stopping off at a bar for a quick one.

We are slowly getting used to this life!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

First Day in Mojacar

As per the plan we had a very lazy day today.  We both slept very well last night, it is so unbelievably quiet here.  The only noise I can hear is the dulcet ringing of tinnitus in my ears!

The first thing I did today was to check the weather!  As you can see from the pic below it's going to be sunny, then again we are in Spain so it is to be expected, and the reason we are here ...

We went for a walk this morning with the doggies.  We feel positively young here, there are rather a lot of old English retired types hanging around between rounds of golf! 

There are so few people about I wonder how the tourist businesses survive - they do seem to have a very short season!  We have already seen a lot of places on the front that have obviously gone bust, it's such a shame, it must be so sad to lose everything.

After breaking into a sweat after the walk, we tried out the pool in the complex.  It was very refreshing, as in bloody freezing!  I had a quick swim and pushed Elaine in on my way out, so she had a quick swim too!

I may have to buy a new sun hat.  My old well-travelled favourite hat that I bought in Newbury last summer didn't survive the road trip very well ...

The med is absolutely dead calm at the mo. Tomorrow we will go for a swim, it has to be warmer than the pool ...

This is our neighbour's pad ... I have never seen so many security measures in my life!  It has razor wire, an electric fence, zillions of cameras and satellites galore ...

It's probably owned by a rich old pom who is trying to keep his young piece from escaping!

We also went to the local supermercado to do a big shop, so we are now stocked up for a few days!

This evening it was time for another walk along the deserted beach and then off to check out one of the many beach bars for a swift drink ...

I love this crossing - when you get to the other side you have to hurdle the bush!

As we walk along the prom we do one of our favourite pastimes ... we try to get the Spanish to make eye contact and say hola.  So far we have about a 99% failure rate!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

That was A 'Kin Long Drive!!!!!!

Our journey is finally over!  We have done just over 1500 miles or 2414 kms and about 30 hours of driving since leaving Macclesfield.

Earlier today I was up at a reasonable hour to take the doggies for a walk around Zaragoza whilst Elaine packed up the room.  We then had breakfast at a little cafe before heading off on the final leg to Mojacar.

It was a lovely temp of about 18 degrees when we left and for most of the day it was around about 22 degrees, which was just perfect.  It changed radically later!

We were in the middle of nowhere when we spotted a aircraft hanger with two jumbos parked up outside of it ...

Just the other side of this mountain we spotted an alien spaceship, but the pic has been erased!

As I said earlier as we neared the coast the temp went through the roof!  I thought it was going to be warm down here but didn't think it would be in the low 30s in October ... never mind that's what we are here for. 

We arrived at our holiday home about 19.00, just as the sun was going down.  The view from the holiday apartment was just lovely ...

The whole place is quite lovely - this is the spare room ...

The main bedroom ...

Kitchen ...

Lounge area, leading out to balcony ...

After unloading the car we headed off to the bar down the road for a well deserved bevvie but as they weren't doing food we walked a few metres down the road and had a late dinner.

Tomorrow we will have a bloody good lay in then go and get some supplies and check out the area.  We are in no rush as we are here till Christmas. 

One thing for certain, we won't be driving far!!