Thursday, October 30, 2014


I just noticed that we have gone over 300,000 page views!!!

What can I say, thank you thank you thank you.

I love yous all xxxxx

We now Have a Schnauzer!!

I haven't blogged for a few days as we haven't really done anything exciting. Our time in Spain was always going to a time to relax and just chill, I am pleased to say we have been doing it in bucket loads.

We might as well make the most of it because come February we will be heading back to Oz and work!!

I can't complain really as when we left Oz it was just going to be a 1 year trip on a narrowboat, by the time we go back it will be three years away from work!!

This morning we headed to the centre of our little town where Bombo was going to have a haircut, he is really suffering in the heat, although it is cooling down a little, today was 28.

This is the CBD of Mojacar ...

We had to laugh at this sign.

I really would have to say I haven't seen any Spaniards working so hard that they need a rest!

This is the view in the centre of town, we are about 3 ks along the beach.

Whilst Bombo was having his hair cut we went for a walk around the shops then had a drink and tapas in the town square.

And here he is, he looks like a bloody Schnauzer.....

We asked her to cut his fur very short, she didn't disappoint, he looks so different.

There is only one charity shop in Mojacar, it is for the local dogs and cats. I bought Maggies memoirs for 1 Euro......I am sure some ex UK  miners would say that is too much!

We were also on a mission today to find another gas cylinder, as we had run out in the flat. We found one in the end, but it took a while.

Tomorrow we may go exploring, but generally it is hot so we just go for a walk then have a dip in the sea, as I said before we are chillin to the max while we can! 

Monday, October 27, 2014


We went off-roading today, but very quickly I realised that I was in a front wheel drive Citroen C3 and not my old Nissan 4WD ute!  So, we chucked a u-ey and headed back to Mojacar before we were lost forever in the Spanish bush! 

We headed to a spot just about 1km to the south of Mojacar, where we had previously parked the motorhome up back in June!

There was a very strange sight in the sky today......clouds!

Somewhere in this pic there is a Shepherd tending his flock, or it could be an errant Kiwi up to no good!

It is a lovely remote little beach bar, called Chiringuito Macenas ...

Elaine was on the water today!!!

This is a pic of the motorhome back on June 2nd!

The wind was picking up as was the surf ...

Bombo had a good run around the beach but he always waits for his stick to come in, as he is too scared of the water to go and fetch it ...

There is also an old fortress down this end of the beach - Castillo Macenas ...

Dogs are allowed on this part of the beach but the illustration looks more like a horse to me ...

Actually we have been taking the boys on all parts of the beach ... no one seems to mind in the off- season :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Walk on the Wild Side

Wasn't it lovely to have an extra hour in bed, not that we really need it!

I spotted a large sailing ship this morning. If we lived in this unit a telescope would be a must have.

We headed off for our morning walk along the prom then up and along the cliffs.

A lovely walk that we do in more detail later.

Then it was back to base stopping at a juice bar on the way back.

Later in the day we went to the supermarket for a weekly shop, but being a Sunday it was shut.

Next stop was the pub to watch Man Utd vs Chelsea.

Elaine watched nearly one half before heading back to the unit. 

We have had a very relaxing break so far so next week we may start to do a bit more exploring of the area, cant rush theses these things can we.

The Crowds Cometh!

As we were foretold, the tourist from the cooler climes plus a few Spanish have arrived.  We reckon there must have been at least 50 ... so, as you can see it was packed to capacity ...

We had a walk with the dogs along the prom ... when we discovered the prom actually just stops.  Dead end.  So we turned back, as the doggies were knackered in the heat, and took them back to the nice cool apartment.

As we were hot ourselves we took ourselves down to the beach for a swim and a well deserved lie down(!) in the sun.

In the evening, I went down to the local pub (The Emerald Isle) to watch El Clasico, which isn't a Spanish opera ... it's a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  After three pints of Guinness I staggered back to the flat to find El having her big Saturday night in with Dr Who and the X Factor!

Now for anyone who feels like you would like to escape the chill of the English winter for a few weeks or a few months, here are the details of our apartment  ...

and this is the main webpage ...

Our friendly apartment landlord has apartments from €350 per month plus bills or he allows big discounts on monthly lets from September to May.  It's a lovely spot, with just a few mins walk down to the beach front where there are loads of cafes and restaurants and, of course, the lovely, deserted beach!

The landlords name is Pat, mention that you read about his apartments on our blog and he will give you a good discount for sure.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Half Built Ruin!

This was yesterday morning beach scene.....deserted, apparently it will get busier this weekend as it is half term hols for the little ones.

Yesterday we went on a drive to nowhere in particular.....

Sammie navigated us down into the Cabo De Gato national park. 

After stopping for lunch at a nice little Spanish cafe we headed back to base but up the coast road.

We stopped at Carboneras, it was a very tidy and clean fishing port.

Just out side of Carboneras is a nearly built hotel that stands testament to Spanish corruption and the building boom pre GFC. 

Building was stopped in 2006 because it was being built in a National Park and too close to the sea, it beggars belief!
At the time the locals all wanted it demolished, however now there is massive unemployment they want it finished as it will offer 300 jobs to the locals. 

Anyway enough of that, right next to the hotel is a lovely deserted beach.  

As usual Bombo was running around like a mad dog chasing his sticks.

Elaine had a quick check to make sure there was no one around,

Then it was off with her kit and in for a swim!!

We are getting used to this naked lark.

 It is a truly spectacular unspoilt part of the coast, apart from the unfinished hotel that is!

We were going to go out last night and check out some of the bars and bands, but were too tired, we will have a go tonight instead.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boogie Days

Last night I went down the local pub to watch Liverpool vs Real Madrid ... not a good game for the scousers.

Meanwhile Elaine was busy making her Indalo Man ...

As well as the Indalo man she also made a heart from what she describes as mixed media!

Today was much nicer on the temp front.  When I took the doggies for their morning stroll it was in the mid 20s which was very pleasant.

I am still trying to get the local Spanish to smile and say Hola, but it seems to be a losing battle,  I don't take offence because they don't greet each other either.  No probs with the expat poms and Irish, they are all smiles in the morning sun.

There was even a bit of a swell today so when I got back we grabbed the boogie boards and we headed down to the beach for a couple of hours ...

We got well battered by the waves, Elaine now has a bandage on her damaged ankle!

Later in the arvo we jumped in the car and drove up to Mojacar Pueblo which is just a few ks inland of Mojacar Playa where we are based.

You can read all about Mojacar Pueblo here ...

We had the village to ourselves, it was siesta time!

You get some good views from the top of the local landscape ...

It is a lovely village to walk around and so much easier with the cooler temps and a breeze blowing.

That is the ocean in the background ...

Life on Mars comes to mind ...

So that is our first week in Mojacar over, only about eight more to go!!