Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here we go ...

Well ... we have been threatening to do this for a long time and here we go !  We are two poms living in Aus but with the plan to live aboard a Narrowboat and cruise the canals of England ... Wales  ?? When we eventually get our Narrowboat we will name it 'NB The Manly Ferry' - until then, it is a concept !

So - where are we up to with these great plans ?  Well, as we will be bringing our animals aboard we have had to make preparations for them to be fully vaccinated against Rabies.  All 5 of them have had vaccinations and follow up blood tests - and then 6 months hence they can be issued with their pet passports, they can travel with us on the plane and can be collected at Heathrow, ready to start their new lives in Blighty !  We have 5 animals to bring with us .. Bombo and Sam - our dogs, Geoffrey, William and Jaffa - our cats.  We also currently have a rabbit - who looks very cute but is quite big ... we will be looking for a home for her very soon - so if there are any takers out there, please contact us !!

What next .. our house is on the market - albeit at a preliminary stage - see the following ...
We have had a few visits from interested folk but we are just waiting for 'the one' - we aren't in a rush really as we still have to wait 6 months for the animals to be cleared !

The original time frame for these plans was going to be 3 years but after a boozy Australia Day in the pool, we decided to expedite our plans as - especially after a few champagnes - you realise that life is quite short and you really never know what is around the corner.  Anyway, we decided to take the Bull by the horns and go for it !

We are currently frantically cleaning and decluttering .. how much STUFF can you accumulate ?!!  We are getting there slowly but surely and are getting more excited by the day that our long-held dreams are coming to fruition.  We are um'ing and ah'ing about storage / freighting / garage sales ... what to keep / what to ditch... tricky !!!

We probably wont be blogging every day - 'til the pace quickens - so we will be filling in with our life in Oz until then ... stay tuned !!


  1. Well welcome you two! :)

    Hey make sure you pack some shampoo for the K9s, you won't believe the towpaths in some places!

    Good Luck to you both

  2. Thanks Sue,
    I have seen the mud on previous UK trips!
    I think we they will end up with white top halves and very dirty brown lower halves.

  3. Woohooo! Welcome fellow planners. Glad to see you took the plunge.
    Where would that photo of you two have been taken? It looks suspiciously like the front of a certain doctor's house?
    We're looking forward to reading of your progress, especially the boat buying process.
    Elly and Mick

  4. Well spotted, it was indeed Dr Martens house in Port Isaac.
    They were filming at the time and we met and had a good chat with Martin Clunes, he is a big dog lover which was nice.
    Another open house tomorrow so fingers crossed.