Sunday, December 11, 2011

Work Xmas Do, Sunday in Manly and House Update ...

Saturday was the day of the All Marine Spares Christmas party; this year we were going by ferry from Palm Beach across to the  Patonga Pub.  It's half an hour by ferry vs two and half hours by road, plus there would be a fair bit of drinking, so it was a 'no brainer'.  (Plus we get a discount on the ferry as we supply them with spare parts)!

Palm Beach to Patonga Ferry
We had the top deck to ourselves, the bottom deck was taken up by a group of young un's going to the pub to celebrate a 30th birthday.  On the way back the roles were reversed - we had the bottom deck and they   had the top deck.  The ferry left at 11.00 am and picked us up on the last crossing at 4.15pm so we had plenty of time for a long lunch!

On the top deck 
We had a private dining room to ourselves, the service, food and wine was superb.

After we had lunch it was mingle time and the obligatory group photos

All Marine Spares Crew 
Only one staff member didnt make it, she pulled the pin at the last moment with a stomach bug

Crew plus wives, husbands etc
As usual with this sort of event, towards the end the photos or should I say the subjects start to look a bit strange.
Me and Rocky

Elaine and PC (and Leone in between!) 

Me and the Boss!
We got a take away case of beer for the return trip (24 beers) as it was going to be a long journey ... all of 30 mins !!

On the way back to Palm Beach
I had to go upstairs and perv   mingle with the young un's  After we got back to Palm Beach we went to the local Palm Beach RSL for a few more drinks before we got a cab home about 7.30pm.  All in all a great Christmas party.

Young un's on the top deck
We got up a at reasonable time on Sunday morning so we took a walk down to Manly for breakfast and after breakfast went for a walk around the headland to Shelly Beach.  It was the first decent day for a while so there was a fair few tourists about.
Manly Beach
It was still pretty hot for the dogs so we had to keep stopping to let them cool off ...

Rest time
Rock Pool on the Shelly Beach walkway
Shelly Beach is a lovely sheltered ocean beach at the southern end of Manly, there is a very popular walk and cycleway to it ...

Shelly Beach

There is a very nice restaurant (Le Kiosk) on Shelly Beach its a bit expensive so we have only been there on special occasions; there is a take away and coffee shop next door so there is an alternative.

Le Kiosk
We walked back around to Manly with yet another rest for the mutts, they really cannot handle the hot weather and today wasnt even that hot!

Yet another rest stop

 By the time we got back to Manly the storm clouds were rolling in from the west ...

Storm clouds
Still sunny looking east though ...

Lifeguard on duty
After the walk we did a bit of essential shopping and made it home as the thunder lightning and rain hit

Update to house situation ...

Tomorrow the Real Estate chappie will bring 3 groups through .. one lady (from Hong Kong) at 10.30 am and two others at 6.30 pm ... a-cleaning we shall go !!  Fingers crossed for a lovely Xmas pressie !

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  1. How did the inspection go? Any interest?

  2. Hi Elly
    Heaps of interest, but they all want to steal it. It is so much of a buyers market, but we are ever hopeful. More people coming tomorrow so on it goes. Plus Mr Real Estate is coming for a meeting tomorrow night.