Friday, April 1, 2016

Medical Emergency in Mojacar!!

Not a lot happens in Mojacar, so when this ship came sailing by very close to the shore it created a lot of excitement amongst the locals ... plus a bit of fear as it was an Italian ship owned by the same company as the ill fated Costa Concordia!!

The ship is the Costa Magica.  Apparently is was on a cruise between Barcelona and Tangiers when a passenger became seriously ill.   I don't know why they didn't medivac by helicopter, then again we are in the middle of nowhere, and Spain only has two helicopters!

I took this pic from the villa, as she sailed past ...

They sent out the local maritime rescue boat from Garucha to pick up the patient plus the ship's doctor and ferried them to the local port and a waiting ambulance ...
Pic nicked off the net

About an hour later the doctor had been returned to the ship, whereupon she spun round and carried on with her cruise.

I took this shot down the road as we were heading out to dinner ...

Today Mojacar has returned to its sleepy self. 

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