Sunday, June 5, 2011

A day out to Summer Bay !

Today was lovely sunny winters day so we took the dogs for a walk around the Long Reef headland for their daily walk, it was slow going as Bombo has been crook all week with tonsillitis. 

He was very fatigued quite early on so we took turns carrying him! 

Elaine's nephew Anthony also came with us as there was a chance we would see some whales as they are starting their trip from Antarctica up north for the breeding season. We did see one but it was too far off to get a decent shot (with a camera!).  Lets not get started on the Japs slaughtering them for scientific research!
I see no whales ! 
Anthony and Elaine

There is also a lot of rock-fishing at Long Reef - and, as you can see from the photos, no wonder a lot of the fishermen get swept out to sea and drown ! 
Long Reef is also a favourite haunt for pelicans - who wait for the fishing boats to come in ... and hopefully get a feed !
You've gotta watch it when you walk underneath them !
Anthony getting up close with the locals !
Get off my lamp post !!!
Aussie flag - marks a hidden rock.
After the slow walk we drove up the coast a little way to Palm Beach (Summer Bay) where they film Home And Away.  Anthony is a closet Home and Away fan so we took some pics of the surf club, lighthouse and beach etc.  They don't film at the weekends but they are there most days during the week. It will be strange watching it the UK, with its endless blue skies and fantastic beaches. Not that we watch it here........    
Alf Stewart's Club
A couple of the locals !
Palm Beach
Palm Beach Lighthouse
Palm Beach Lighthouse
Palm Beach
What sign

Saw this in the car park .. thought it was quite neat !  Lucky dog :)
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