Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Perfect Boat

We have always liked the Aqualine boats, they are made in Gdansk Poland which I have no problem with whatsoever, I figure if they can build ships, it shouldn't be too difficult to fabricate a steel narrow boat!

All component parts such as motors, inverters and heating systems etc are supplied from the UK so future maintenance shouldn't be a problem. I have looked at some Aqualine  demonstrators at Blisworth marina on our last couple of trips to the UK. They are finished superbly for a production boat and I have always been impressed the way the boats are wired up and labeled .

This one has just come up on Apollo Duck UK click here  I love the red colour, I had a red Triumph TR6 in the UK and bought it to Australia when I emigrated in 1980. We also now have a red ute.

Im not sure how red paint stands up to the UK weather, here in Oz red cars fade very quickly in the hot sun, cant imagine having the same problem in England :-)

     I have emailed the owner and it would be possible to keep it on the marina until we  make it over to the UK. He doesn't want to sell it until September! If it still for sale in July I will go and have a look at it as I will be over in the UK for  couple of weeks. 
If it did work out I'm sure my brother wouldn't mind looking after it and using it till we make it over there in the new year.


  1. Very, very nice boat! Fingers crossed it waits for you. I love the red colour too. I don't imagine the sun fade would be as much an issue in the UK as it is here. It looks like the roof is red too but you could always paint it a lighter colour which would withstand fading a little better.
    Good luck with it!

  2. It is a very nice boat

  3. Aqualine boats are great. However, nothing can match the joy of travelling on ferries. Ferry journey are relaxing and enjoyable. What to say of the stunning sceneries one gets to see.