Friday, November 20, 2015

Boaters Brekkie On The Beach

I said I would do a daily blog unless something special happened, well yesterday something special happened.

A few days ago we received an email from Cathy and Martin from NB Moriarty.  It turned out that they were in Mojacar and asked if would we like to meet up. We last met them back in the winter of 2013 at Aston Marina.

We arranged to meet up at first light (10.30am) in a local cafe.

On the way there we went to check out a townhouse that another couple of Aston Marina boaters are interested in renting for next January.

It looks lovely, it's just around the corner form us, plus it is in an elevated position so the views are as below ...

We walked along the prom to meet up with Cathy and Martin, the sea was absolutely dead flat without a breath of wind ...

We had a lovely long catch up and chat and it turned out that the only reason they came to Mojacar was because we had spoken so highly of it in our blog!  I am pleased to say they absolutely love it here and are looking at coming back next year for about six months, this trip they are here for about two months.

The only downside to the meeting was that the new coffee machine broke down so we had to go to the bar next door and drink beer and wine instead!

Bombo felt very much at ease with Cathy ...

We did chat about narrowboats, mainly inverters and toilets! 

It was good to see you guys, we will see you next week at the Spanish lessons! 

If anyone is interested in coming here for a winter break, the cost of a fully furnished unit is approx 400-425 Euros (£285-£300 / $620-$650AUD) a MONTH!  Electric and gas are charged as used.  All you need is your clothes, everything else is supplied.

It really is a cheap way to escape the grotty English winter, unless you like the winter of course!  As I have said before Mojacar is the best place in Spain as long as you don't want amusements, high rises. crowded beaches and large shopping centres :)

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