Monday, November 9, 2015

First Week In Mojacar...

Our first week in Mojacar has gone pretty much as expected, with plenty of walks along the beach and checking out the local bars and restaurants.

 We had some friends coming over from the UK so we went down the local supermarket for a big shop on Thursday. The Spanish supermarkets are stocked with food to supplement the Mediterranean diet as in fish, olives, legumes, fruit, veg and, of course, wine.

There is a fairly large UK contingent in Mojacar, who are well catered for with pallets of Heinz baked beans! 

I loved supermarket shopping in France, they were very quiet and the staff very friendly and obliging.

It's very different in Spain.  The Spanish shoppers (and staff) will just shove you out of the way and when you reach the checkout you will be treated with total contempt, no matter how much you smile.  I would have to say, in general, Spanish customer service sucks especially if you are a pommie immigrant.

Although I don't condone their behavior I can slightly understand it.  They are working, probably on a crappy wage, and here are all these middle and old aged poms, swanning around without a care in the world.  It probably all seems a bit unfair to them.

We carried on the stereotype and went down the beach!

Our friends from Macclesfield arrived on the Monarch flight from Manchester last Friday.

Consequently we had a very busy weekend with Phil and Kathy, eating drinking and going down the beach.

 And, of course, walking along the Paseo Maritimo ...

The weather has been superb since they arrived and the forecast for the rest of the week is for wall-to-wall sunshine ...

The sea is a very pleasant 22 degrees at the moment as the fat bald man can confirm (me) ...

Another report will follow in about a week!

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