Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We have the keys to the Villa!

We woke to a lovely sunrise this morning ... in anticipation of an exciting day ...

We went down to the Real Estate agents at noon, to sign the lease and pick up the keys to our new villa!

I took a pic whilst down there, ours is the place at the bottom left ...

- and zooming in further ...

It only took a few minutes to sign the lease and get the keys and then we zoomed up to the villa in the van!

Elaine started sorting out the lounge room while I took some pics.

This is the view from one of the outside areas ...

We are totally on our own up there.  These neighbours are below us ...

And this is the view behind us ...

I also bought his motorbike ...

It will be so handy when it gets busy here ...

We will post some photos of the inside of the villa when we have sorted it out a bit more!

So how did we end up with a fully furnished villa in the best place in Spain, you may ask??

Basically I met a bloke down the pub that I frequent!   I also met him last year when we were here. He is a very nice chap and extremely generous.  He owns a few properties around the world including one in Brisbane. 

He is moving to Australia for the next five years or more but didn't want to sell the Mojacar villa or leave it unoccupied.  He was living in Ireland so flew out here a few times a year.   

He offered it to us as 'caretakers', as in we live in it and look after it, pay the electric, water and gas ... and that's it!

We have a lease for a year, just to make everything legal and above board.

We are so happy, we can't believe our luck ... and we now have the 'base' that Elaine has been desperate for!

It also means we will keep the motorhome and use it to explore Spain, France and Portugal etc,. but just for short trips during the year.  

The moral to this story is ... 

Go to the pub as much as possible, you never know who you will meet!


  1. Now you are rubbing it in! Motorbike indeed! Has your new mate got any more mates who are contemplating moving?

  2. Well I am still going down the pub most nights, so I will keep my ears open..

  3. You are spot on. It's always about being in the right place at the right time.

    The springs on the bike may need uprating ;)

    Cheers & beers.

  4. Congratulations, we're really happy for you both, all the best from George & Sue x

  5. Like it when good things happen to good people.... pay it forward is a good thing

  6. Cheers Nev, we have had a fair amount of bad luck over the last couple of years, I dont blog about it as we try to stay up beat. This has put a very large smile on our faces. Paul