Monday, December 7, 2015

Xmas Af-fairs...

It's Christmas time, so we have been checking out a couple of the local Christmas fairs!

We went to one on the beach on Saturday, which was predominantly a Spanish affair ... resulting in loads of noise!  They do seem to like to make a god-awful din but it's their country so they are entitled to make as much noise as they want :)

Today we went up to the hillside village of Bedar where they were having their Christmas fair.

We had a extra doggie with us today as his owners had gone away for the day and asked if we would mind having him for a few hours.

Maxx is a a Canadian dog and has travelled extensively around Europe with his owners before settling in Mojacar only a few weeks ago.  It's certainly a tad warmer than Canada.   

Here is Elaine in the village of Bedar with Canadian pooch Maxx ...

The Bedar Christmas fair was predominantly English, with Spanish overtones!  Apparently we just missed Santa being dragged along by a donkey!

Our new friend, Sara, was displaying her home made jewellery.  Sara and husband, Ian are newcomers to Mojacar and have bought a villa on the playa ...

It was a nice, well organised Christmas fair held in the village square ...

We had a group dog shot on the way back to the van ...


Maxx seemed happy to sit up front with Elaine on the way back down the mountain ...

When we got back to Mojacar we were a bit peckish so we called into one of our fave cafes (Angie's cafe) in the Parque Commercial, which is especially dog friendly!  A good day out was had by all!


  1. Hi guys,

    Quick one as tablet battery is dying. In Biarritz deciding where in Spain to spend winter. Looks like you're having a great time. How did you find your apartment and how is it working out with bills?

    My dad recommend mojacar to me as well! Will write more soon.

    Best wishes

    Dan and Esther