Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting Better.....

I am very pleased to report that Elaine is feeling and looking a lot better. 

They have removed the drain from her belly after removing nearly 6 litres of ascites fluid. She has eaten for the first time in over a week and is generally just so much better, her temperature seems to be stabilizing which is all good. 

Once again the NHS and this time Macclesfield hospital have been superb.

The NHS gets so much stick but I don't think people realise how lucky they are to have such a fantastic health system.

I'm not sure when she will be released, she has an appointment with the oncologist  at the Manchester Christie hospital next Tuesday, so before then I would think! 

With Elaine's permission I put her situation on facebook  as well as the blog, she normally doesn't want a fuss and to keep it all quiet, but I told her i was being bombarded with emails and messages and couldn't keep up with keeping people informed. I am pleased to say it worked a treat, she was amazed how many people from all around the world care so much for her. 

Hopefully we will be posting more pics like the one below shortly....

Meanwhile this is my base on Jarman farm, which is about 300 metres from Gurnett Aqueduct on the Macclesfield canal.

It is quite lovely if not a tad muddy, I am next to the stables, I do admire the dedication of the horses owners who are here in all weathers day and night to look after their precious babies. 

The little C3 fired up straight away after sitting for 6 months at the back of Elaine's brothers house, it is an amazing little car 

Back to the Euro trip.......From when we left Calais in August until we returned last Tuesday we drove 8781 kilometres or 5456 miles at an average speed of 46km/h or 28.58 mph.

The last big trip from Mojacar to Calais when I was in a hurry and we used toll roads came up with different figures. The distance was 2056 kilometres or 1277 miles, we averaged 90km/h or 56 mph.

Interestingly the average fuel consumption was 11.5 litres per 100km or 24.56 mpg.
When I was in a hurry on the Mojacar to Calais section the fuel consumption increased to 11.7 litres per 100km or 24.14 mpg.  

Once again the van performed faultlessly, it is so lovely to drive, especially on the long hauls, automatic, cruise control and a big fat captains chair to sit in.

If anyone out there is considering a Euro trip it really is so easy on the mainland European roads, mainly because there is so little traffic compared to the UK, very little roadworks etc.

Hopefully we will be back off again soon.

Finally a massive thank you for all of Elaine's good wishes, we both appreciate it so much, it is so humbling.

We love yous all XXXXXXXXXXXXX