Saturday, January 16, 2016

Heading Back To The UK :-(

Once again things change, but this time not for the good!

Elaine has been unwell for the last few years, but the last few weeks she has been really suffering.

She had a scan on Wednesday, the result of that being that we are making a hasty trip back to the UK to go and see her specialist in Manchester.

We were due to go back for the van MOT at the end of the month anyway, so we have bought it forward by a few weeks. 

We have driven 550ks today and are staying over night in a truck stop in the middle of woop woop!

So back to before we left.......

The new doggies were getting on great and are now being looked after by some lovely friends in Mojacar until we get back ...

Life has been hectic between Dr and hospital appointments and packing, culminating in the inaugural music quiz down the local last night\1

The night ended on a rousing rendition of The Time Warp and Bohemian Rhapsody.

I'm pleased to say our boaty friends love Mojacar as much as we do.  It's always a worry when you recommend somewhere ...

We drove the van down from the villa last night and parked up on the beachfront outside the pub, that way I could have a few drinks and then just walk across the road to bed.  It was also easier to make an early start this morning. 

This morning the sunrise was superb.  It's really tough leaving this place ...

Ray and Diane braced the morning cold to wave us off ...

And this is where we are tonight.......!!


  1. Fingers crossed Elaine's specialist can sort her out and get her well again. Will be thinking of you.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Have a safe journey back and our thoughts will be with you both. xx

  3. Yes our thoughts are with you too, hope all is well x

    1. Not well but hopefully can be sorted..xx

  4. Sincere hugs to you both, stay strong dear friends, Love from Heth and Dave xxxxxxxxxx

  5. All the best El - keep that gorgeous smile and your positiveness going. Love to Paul also. Jennifer and Peter nb. Mactra's Filia (presently in Melbourne)