Monday, June 5, 2017

Hot Painting!

I have been meaning to tart up the villa for ages. As I now have no guests coming and am returning to the UK in July I thought I better get cracking.
What a mistake, I virtually got sunstroke it was so hot, plus the heat reflecting off the walls made it even hotter, the bloody paint was virtually drying on the roller.  I did manage to remove the crumbling paint work and plaster and did numerous spot repairs. The outside is now looking much better and I will finish it off when it cools down again, which will be in November!



Externally I can only get at the front of the villa, as it sits on the side of a cliff and drops down three levels, the only way to paint the backside would be by scaffolding or abseiling off of the roof .

As it was too hot to do the outside I attacked one of the decks that is in the shade for most of the day. Its so much whiter now.  Its brilliant when you go to the paint shop to buy the paint, there is one colour, Mojacar white!

Much better.

Painting and cleaning up out of the way I thought I would go down to one of my favourite beach bars.

Its called Samoa Surf and is run by a lovely Dutch couple that have lived in Mojacar for over thirty years!

They keep three containers up on their campo property, they bring them to the beach at the end of May and take them away at the end of September.

I took this pic of them setting it up last week, its blurry because of the heat haze, I took the pic from the roof of the villa.

And here is the finished article. 

The lovely Anika. 

I crashed out on a sunbed, and had a few beers and a chat with some locals, the sunbed costs 4 euros for a day and that includes the first beer, have I mentioned how cheap Spain is?

Local wildlife. 

You also get a nice view of the Hotel Best Indalo in the distance!

Peace XX


  1. I can understand why the paint roller would dry out but what about a paint sprayer ?

    1. The paint is so thick, it's like paint and filler all in one. I have never seen any spray painting of houses etc, I would also guess it's probably illegal!