Saturday, June 17, 2017

Not A Lot To Report

I haven't done a post for a while as to be quite honest nothing much has happened. 

The weather is unbelievable, every day just hot sun and no wind, the beaches are getting a bit more crowded, but there is still loads of room.

Sunday arvo its drinks and music at Lua with the girls, Richard is gay so is happy to be one of the girls. 

 Most afternoons I go to the Samoa surf beach bar for a relax, swim and an ice cold drink, the sand is far too hot for the doggies so they stay at home. 

The other morning I was up before 07.00so I took a pic of the sunrise from the villa. 

The moon was still up as well. 

My closest neighbour has had his pool re tiled, I'm not sure which football team he supports. 

I took the motorbike for a spin, I went up to the village, there are nice views of the campo from here, the green has all but gone now, we havent seen rain for months. 

I also went up the dirt road to check out some of the more remote beaches.  

The reason I was up early on Tuesday was because I had to go to the main Jaguar dealer in Almeria to pick up a new key and to get it programmed, it cost an absolute fortune but was still a lot cheaper than an aftermarket one in the uk! It was just a bit too scary to have only one key especially as I will be driving back to the UK shortly.

Im looking forward to the trip, at least it will give me something to blog about.

Peace x

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