Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life Goes On Slowly

Not a lot to report I'm afraid, the weather has cooled slightly but is still very warm, at last the humidity has dropped.

Mojacar is a very small place so it was unusual to see another S-Type in town, it was also an immaculate example which is very unusual in Spain, even top end motors soon get battered .

Im still going for my daily walks along the Paseo, sometimes I venture along the cliff path which is always a lovely walk. 

The visits to the pub have ramped up with the start to the football season, as usual my mate Bombo accompanies me. Sammie comes down but not if there is football or music playing, he cant handle any noise.

Im pleased to say Bombo is 100% fit again, he has also put quite a lot of weight on which is good, the vet seemed to think it was a bacterial infection. Im just so glad he is back to his normal self. 

I have also been going to my favourite beach bar most afternoons for a couple of hours.  It will be shutting for the season in about three weeks which will be a shame.

The water is an amazing temperature, personally I think its too warm.

I went for a drive up the coast to a place called Lorca which is quite a large town, I wanted to check out a place that sold motorhomes and caravans, I really would like a caravan to enable me to get out and about a bit more especially with the dogs in tow.

Sammie was in shock when I woke him from his slumber. 

What can I say about the quality of the Spanish caravans, the description is to say it was like walking around a scrap yard. I wouldn mind if they were cheap, but they aint.

There was one that was half decent, they were asking 11000 Euros, it needed a lot of locks and hinges fixing as they were all broken, the same van in the UK would be about £2000. 

I just dont know why the Spanish take no pride in their cars, motorhomes and caravans etc and make absolutely no attempt to make them presentable when they want to sell them and yet want top dollar.

I will just keep an eye on the local ads, hopefully one will come up there, as long as its on Spanish plates and is owned by a northern European there is a chance that it will be in good nick.