Monday, September 4, 2017

Bombo The Precious Doggie

I have been taking Bombo to the vets the last couple of weeks as he keeps getting blood in his poo,  they think its just a bacterial thing and he is on drugs to try and sort it out. It first started about 6 weeks ago back in the UK and keeps flaring up.

My thoughts keep going to the cancer route although the vet thinks different, I so hope she is right, he is such a special doggie.

All doggies are special but Bombo was always Elaine's boy, he wanted to be with her constantly and she loved him deeply.  

He is now over thirteen years old , I would love to get a few more years out of him, its not just the thought of losing him, its losing another link to the lovely Elaine, It just doesnt bear thinking about.

Get well puppy xxxx 


  1. Oh Crap, hope he is ok, happens to our cat from time to time and diagnosed as infection from eating small furry things.

  2. I too hope he is okay and it is nothing nasty. 13 is not that old for a small dog, so I will keep everything crossed for you both. Jennie x

  3. Im pleased to say he does seem to be a lot better xx