Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Back In Mojacar !!

  Well I made it back to Mojacar, when I left last year I thought that was it, I would never set foot in this little bit of Paradise again...

Last week I started to feel just a little bit better, I was off all the drugs and I was finally getting my taste buds back, not completely but just enough for food to start to taste of something rather than soggy cardboard.

My next appointment with the oncologist wasn't until the 29th of March so I rang here and asked what she thought of the idea of me going to Spain for a few days, I was concerned with two things...the first was would the plate pop out the side of my head, when they pressurize and de-pressurize the plane causing brain matter to explode all over the poor bugger sitting next to me!  My other concern was that would my blood stay good as I didn't want to get trapped in Spain needing a blood transfusion! She said as long as I felt well, go for it but dont stay away too long as they wanted  to get moving on the next stage of my treatment whatever that may be!

The next day I booked a one way flight on Easy Jet  to Almeria, I didn't want a return as I didn't know how I was going to feel and how long I would stay for. As soon as I booked I started to panic, thinking am I doing the right thing here, I was actually sweating booking the flight!  I was due to fly out on Monday the 12th of March, so I thought if I felt rough over the weekend I would just cancel it and lose the money.  My main problem was still nausea and general tiredness, but not enough to cancel the flight.  I had booked a train from Milton Keynes to Gatwick via Clapham Junction as I didn't want to go on the underground dragging a suitcase and feeling weak.  Sunday I got a message saying the train had been cancelled due to strike action.

Plan B... Get a train from Bedford which goes direct to Gatwick !!

Monday morning, plan B swung into action, I was up at 9.00am and felt bloody awful, a Taxi was picking me up at 11.00 to take me to Bedford t catch the 11. 55am train to Gatwick, the taxi part went fine but when I got to the station the train had been cancelled!!  Plan B was looking a bit shaky!

There was another train a few minutes later so after buying some nibbles and a very healthy mango, apple and banana I jumped on the train.  I was still feeling nauseous so thought I would have a swig of my healthy drink...fck me it was rank, it was so off it absolutely  stunk,  thankfully I only took one swig, it was foul! Luckily there were no other passengers in the carriage as I was sure I was going to puke. I managed to nibble on my biscuits which made me feel slightly better. 

I soon realised that I was on the slowest train in the UK and it was going to take over two hours to do a journey that was about 45 mins by car. I sat back and thought bugger it there is nothing I could do about it, it must have stopped at 20 stations before finally arriving at Gatwick. It also stopped at the South terminal but Easyjet fly out of the North terminal. I was knackered by the time I arrived at the check in and was also very late for the flight.  When I booked the flight I had asked for assistance because I cant walk far...the chap did lift the case on the conveyor as at 18 kilos I couldn't lift it. After he gave me the luggage tag I asked about the assistance to get to the gate he said just go up the escalators!! Basically piss off and walk you lazy git. 

The gate was 104 and was the furthest possible gate from check in, I still dont know how I made it, zig zagging through the bloody duty free , the stench of perfume was making me worse, I was going to puke at any moment! I made it to the gate with 5 mins to spare, I was desperate, I spotted a couple of boater friends who were on the same  flight, they were my saviours Linda went to get help and Richard gave me a bottle of water, Linda  also emptied out her plastic shopping bag so I could puke in it !!  Luckily the water made me feel better which was good as the bag was full of holes!

A Easyjet hostess arrived and took us straight to the plane which was wonderful and also apologised that I didn't get any assistance earlier.  The actual flight was good and we arrived at Almeria 25 mins ahead of schedule.

A couple of boater friends Andy and Roly met me at the airport which was fantastic, 45 minutes later we arrived at my villa, Sue and Bev (Andy and Rolys other halves) were in the villa, they had tea and biscuits on the go and had cleaned up the place a treat , the heating was on the bed sheets lovely  clean and crisp, They had also stocked  up the fridge and kitchen with food and beer!!  They are the most wonderful of friends.  The boating community is just fantastic!

I went to bed quite early absolutely shattered!

In the morning I awoke to this..... Everything from the day before was worth it! 
Its great to be back here and so much better than any drug I have had over the last few months.

I have caught up with all the boaters that are here at the moment which has been fantastic and I have only been back for two days, I am still not drinking but am starting t taste food again which is fantastic, its still not brilliant but is so  much better than a few weeks ago. 

The Mojacar canal cruising club .. MCCC

 I also caught up with my best friend in Mojacar, Eva, it was so lovely to see her smiling face again.

At the bar chatting to Eva drinking my favourite tipple.... A cup of tea !!

I also picked up the Jag, its been in the garage for the last couple of weeks having a brake problem sorted out plus having a service and getting a new ITV which is the equivalent to the English MOT.

It needed a new servo which had to be a Jaguar genuine part and cost 800 euros but the total  bill was 1245 euros which included the service and ITV so I thought that was pretty good, the servo alone in the UK was over a £1000 !

She drives like new again so Im happy.

I have felt really good today so Im hoping that it will continue that way, Im still not sure how long I will stay here, hopefully a couple of weeks all going well. As I mentioned earlier my next appointment with the oncologist is the 29th March so I have to be back before then.

I never thought I would say it but life is good again !!


  1. Brilliant! Enjoy the rest of your stay.
    Kath (no Herbie)

  2. Enjoy the sunshine and the best of friends Paul

  3. Good on you, Paul.
    Your trip to Gatwick was a marathon even if you'd been in tip top shape, mate, so well done for achieving it.
    Have fun and enjoy your time until you return to the UK.
    cheers, Mairlyn (nb Waka Huia)

  4. Really happy for you Paul - enjoy your little bit of paradise and especially the loving company of your friends. Jennifer and Peter Tasmania

  5. Pleased to read that you are back in Spain.

  6. Pleased to read you are back in Spain.