Friday, March 30, 2018

Thursdays Visit To The Oncologist

Last Thursday I caught the train to London to see the oncologist, Kimberley came with me for moral support and hang on to me if I went wobbly.

I must have been looking crap as nice young people gave me seats on the train and the tube.

I was ok walking but the stairs on the tube absolutely  knackered me .

It was a different hospital this time, St Marys in Paddington, it was nice to pass the narrow boats in Paddington basin, it bought back fond memories of the long hot summer of 2013 when we spent a month moored up in Paddington basin. We couldn't hang around though as it was pouring down with rain so we headed to the hospital.

The oncologist was actually based in the private Lindo wing , this is where all the royal babies are born , in actual fact Prince George  William and Kate's first was born whilst we were there back in 2013.

This is the entrance to the Lindo Wing , I took this photo when Elaine's sister, her nieces and great nieces paid us a visit back in July 2013.

Inside actually isn't too flash, but being private the service is great, no hanging around waiting etc.

We spent about an hour and half having a chat plus being examined and having blood tests, plus looking at all the previous scans.

My Cancer is Metastatic non small cell lung cancer T4N1M1c ( bone, brain, liver and adrenal  metastases)

Basically this translates to Im Fcked !

I have always asked her to tell me the truth and that I wanted quality over quantity of life and originally thought that 2 to three years would be doable....... wrong!!!

Originally she had thought that radiation therapy was going to be an option plus maybe immunotherapy  if that didn't work,  but and its a big but due to the type of cancer I have, and it gets a lot more complicated re markers etc that neither option will work and im at the end of the line!

I did agree to start a low dose chemo which will start next Friday,  it wont cure the cancer but might make the next few weeks, months a bit more tolerable,  the big problem is that its inside the liver. 

I wasn't expecting such bad news , so I have gone from thinking of trips in the UK and maybe to Spain to planning end of life care etc!

Im having a visit from the local hospice next Thursday so that will be good, Im also on a limited time now to sort out my stuff in Oz and Spain, the flat still hasn't sold in Australia yet but it is now getting nibbles as the price has been dropped, this should attract the bottom feeders looking for a bargain.

Spain is pretty easy as I rent the villa and have a lease until December, so the  family can go down in the summer  and sort it for me, there is some nice stuff down there but nothing of great value.  I have got the Jag for sale but once again will have to drop the price to attract the bargain hunters.

All in all a bit  of a shit but am very happy that I retired at 55 and had probably more adventures than some people that carry on to a ripe old age and of course was accompanied by the gorgeous Elaine  until August 2016.

I must not forget the brilliant time we had in Oz from being working holiday back packers in 1980 right up until we left in March 2012, it was a great place to live and was indeed the lucky country.

Nothing else to add really, she loaded me up with lots of new drugs that should hopefully give me a bit of spark over the next few months, she also added go and drink some Guinness to get some iron in you!

The trip back to Milton Keynes was pretty horrible as it was pissing down with rain, but once again the old boy got offered seats on the tube and train.

Happy Easter Guys XXXX


  1. Devastating news Paul, our thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. Oh Paul, I am so sorry to hear such sad news. Carol used the word devastating and it certainly is. Our thoughts are with you and your wonderful family xxxxx

  3. Oh sod it... that's not the news any of us wants to hear...
    My thoughts are with you and your family Paul

  4. Sending you a massive hug. Really grateful you have your family around you. Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you lots x

  5. What can we say, except that bastard cancer. Sending good ole Kiwi thoughts your way Paul, hang in there, knowing you have friends all around the world.

  6. shit bugger bollox.! make every moment count xxxxxx As you say you have done more in your life than most so keep on keeping on. . THinking of you Would love to share a Guinness. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Kin cancer, the way you have faced it is inspirational and you have given it a good run for its money. Have that pint or two and reflect on all the great adventures. I’ll be holding you in my thoughts, hang in and keep blogging. Top fella

  8. Dammit Paul not the news we wanted to read. Our cruising paths never crosses but your blog posts make you and Elaine feel like family! Your courage and honesty is an inspiration.

  9. As Tom and Jan said not the news we wanted to read. We did meet you once we spoke to Elaine many years ago and I have followed your blog for years. Hang in there and keep blogging.

  10. True the way you’re facing and treating this is inspirational. You’re the strongest person I know. All my lovexxxx

  11. Hang in there Paul, make the most of the time you have left and look back and relish all the things you have achieved. Life’s not over till it’s over! Paula x

  12. Chris and I are also so sorry to hear this news, Paul. We only met you and Elaine the once when you were kind enough to show us round nb Caxton when we started looking for boat builders back in 2012. I have to agree with Tom that you are an inspiration,

  13. So sorry to read this news. I have been following your blog for some years and you have made me laugh and cry. All the best Sheila.

  14. Read your posts for a couple of years now. From MK. 57 just packed in work. Devastated to read this. but you are so inspirational (along with Elaine). Gonna raise my glass to you 2 regularly. Cheers.

  15. Just devastating news Paul. Also followed your blog. 57 and jacked in work from MK. Just starting our travels. You are so inspirational(with Elaine also). Gonna raise my glass to you regularly. Cheers Paul.

  16. Thanks for all the kind words guys xx