Thursday, April 5, 2018

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last Thursday I visited the lung oncologist in London and I felt like death, she gave me some new drugs including the good old steroids, some anti depressants and anti emetics....What can I say....WOW!!

Its been a transformation, my taste buds are back, I have been eating for Africa, having a good drink as well, not excessive but its so nice to taste a nice glass of red wine! 

I know its all down to the drugs, but it feels so good to have a zest for life again.

Unfortunately it all came back to reality yesterday when I received her latest report through the post, when you read it in black and white that you haven't got long to live it is very sobering.

But there is nothing I can do about it, so Im just hoping that the chemo I start tomorrow will hopefully give me a bit more time, I know it cant be cured but a bit more time would be nice.

As I said earlier its been nice to get out and about going to nice restaurants and bars again.

Another high was catching up with my old mate Paul Young who I worked with in the 70s at Vauxhall Motors.

We have always kept in touch since then, moreso lately since his wife succumbed to brain cancer just after Christmas, she was only 52!!

The photo taken below was taken in 1984 when he was touring Australia, I chauffeured him around Sydney in my little Suzuki Sierra as well as attending his sell out shows and going to the after show parties.

He came to the house in Milton Keynes bringing me a mega Lindt Easter egg and flowers for Tracy.

Me, Tracy, Paul and brother Russell

He still looks like a rock star, bastard still has all his hair! 

Tracy was a fan back in the day, and was melting on the floor!!!

Hopefully we will keep in touch and I will be able to go to some of his gigs and see him perform.

Tomorrow its off to Charing Cross to start chemo....

Wish me well XX


  1. Wishing you every possible luck, comfort, joy and peace Paul , you are an inspiration, fondest love xxx

  2. If the drugs are 'doing it' for you then keep taking them...
    Hope the Chemo doesn't upset the applecart...
    Best wishes Paul :)

  3. We've never met, but I've followed your blog since you came over here with Elaine - I'm a boater and I wish you well... Nb Ceiriog

  4. I too have followed your blog since you first came over and absolutely admire everything you have done before and since arriving which is so so much compared to many of us, you and Elaine have lived life to the full. You were both remarkable how you faced Elaine's illness with such courage and strength and now you are doing this again with yourself. Your honesty and positive attitude is something not everyone can show. Paul you are AMAZING and Elaine was AMAZING! May the good weeks continue xx

  5. Kia ora Paul from Barry and Sandra. We still fondly remember your initial email contact back in 2009, when you got in touch about your dream of coming back to England with Elaine (who wasn't so keen I recall?!), to buy a narrowboat and cruise the system. Meeting top with you in Sydney on our journey out and back again in 2010, as we could tie it in with seeing Barry's brother Peter. And then watching your dream come true. We are SOOOOO thankful that you too grasped the opportunity to follow your heart and not wait until that made up age of 'retirement', that governments keep pushing down people's throats and keeping them 'safe' and small. You and Elaine LIVED and loved and we feel very grateful to have been a tiny bit of inspiration on your journeys. As you know, Barry's first wife died in 2003 from a brain tumour, aged only 40. So he knows far too well how important it is to carpe diem. Many of our friends and family, I suspect, think we're completely crazy. You, and we, know better. We're sending you love and our fondest thoughts as you complete the final chapter of your awesome life. There's a fabulous book called 'With The End in Mind' which I recently read and would highly recommend. Something we ALL need to embrace is that life is NOT infinite, treasure each and every moment, as you never know which one will be your last. What fortunate people we are to have been gifted mortal lives, and I know you are grateful for choosing to throw caution to the wind and sail away - literally! Arohnaui dear friend xxx

  6. Oh! And say hi to Paul Young! He was a hero of mine and Barry and I saw him in Rotorua when he toured with Tony Hadley. Also our sympathy on the death of his cherished wife :-(