Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hospital Again And The End Of An Era

Its been an awful long time since I did a post and an awful lot has happened, and once again some of it has been truly awful !!

I wont wobble on for too long and go into great detail so this is the abridged version !

Russell and Tracy had took off on their mega hols leaving Kimberley to look after her favourite uncle.

I picked up the Jag  on Tuesday and got it home.

Wednesday I started to get a sore throat, problem was this was the sore throat from hell, It was like I had swallowed a hundred razor blades, I went to the GP but managed to see a nurse who said I have oral Thrush !  I thought thrush was some girlie problem with their downstairs area!  Have some Nystatin that will sort it out.

Did it hell, I was in total agony, water was like acid, ice cream burnt me, I couldn't eat a thing I couldn't drink  I was in total agony again and went to bed to try and forget about it all and just hopefully die. 

On the weekend I started being sick and realised this is pretty serious,  Monday morning sis Jackie, niece Hayley and Kimberly all came to the house and rang Charing Cross hospital....Bring him in straight away... like now !!

Kimberley drove whilst I sat in the passenger seat puking into the sick buckets!

Straight up the the 15th floor, welcome back Paul your room is ready....within the hour they had stopped the puking and had me on a drip,  I was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and my kidneys were on the verge of packing up.

All this from a bloody sore throat that once again was a side effect from the bloody chemo!

Cutting it short I was on a virtual constant drip had two blood transfusions and slowly started to recover.

The weather was lovely and I actually could see the Thames from my room. 

I was due some visitors from Spain, Jay and Eva were coming over for a few days and wanted to pop in and see me.  They were coming on a Saturday but I felt quite good  so decided to walk down to the Thames embankment.  Next thing  Jay rang they are in my room....they soon came down to the Thames and we had a good catch up.

They walked me back to the hospital where we bade farewell.

Jay took a great shot of me and my best friend Eva, the photo sums up our special bond we have even though there is a 41 year age gap.  She is such a special person in my life xx

After eight days in hospital I was released....

Thankfully they had fixed me up yet again.

It took me a fair while to recover at home especially with he sore throat but gradually we got there.

I felt well enough to drive up to Braunston to-catch up with Sue and Andy who have returned from Spain and are back into cruising mode. 

Elaine's dad died a couple of weeks ago and Tuesday was his funeral so knowing Elaine would have wanted me to go so I got the train up on Monday.

It was a well attended funeral, as Burt was a born and bred Macclesfield lad so a lot of locals were there.

The wake was at Burts local pub and was well turned out with lots of people, I managed to stay all day and then went out again at night, it was a long day.

I popped around for the last look of the house that Elaine had lived in for a lot of years and one that I had visited on numerous times.

I took a pic of Elaine's old bedroom door, still with her name and doll on it. 

It was sad to walk out of it thinking I will never step foot inside it again.

Im now back in Milton Keynes and am going to London Friday for another chemo session. I am so hoping that I have no effects this time !!!  It would be a nice first.

Other News.....

The Spanish Jaguar sold very quickly.

My flat in Sydney sold for a lot more than I wanted which was a bit special.

Perhaps I'm just getting a little bit of good luck which has been sadly lacking for a long time.


  1. It makes me sad to read of everything you are going through but I feel tbe need to as its giving us all an insight to your progress good and bad and also I am sure we all want to be here for you on this journey xx

  2. YOu are amazing. Simply amazing. You deserve some luck and hope it comes through .
    Fondest love xxxxx

  3. Hi Paul- Missus & I have read your blog from the start & have been inspired by it all. Could say plenty more but just to say the blog is ace. Best wishes, Kev & Donna

  4. Good to see you blogging again - best wishes and all positive thoughts Paul
    Nb Ceiriog

  5. Best wishes Paul hope your chemo goes well.
    Greg and Sheila.