Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nice Day For A White Wedding In Cyprus.....

I haven't blogged for ages, mainly because not a lot happens to me these days, my blog entries would be..... feeling crap....slept all day ...puked up etc, all pretty boring stuff.

But we have had the Cyprus trip planned since just after Christmas so I was determined to give it a go.

The doggies were booked into kennels so we were all set to go.

I must admit I was dreading the trip especially the long 5 hour flight, I am also paranoid about getting stuck in a foreign country and being hospitalised so I took out medical insurance for over £1000,00.

In the end the flight wasn't too bad  and once I arrived at the hotel it was all good.

The pre cancer me would have been exploring the island and all sorts of different bars and restaurants.  

The new me involved getting up extremely late and laying by the pool all day.  It was  full on 5 star hotel so nothing was a problem.  There were buzzers on the parasols next to the sunbeds so I didn't even have to move to order drinks and food. 

It helped to be surrounded by family and we ended up having a great time.

The main reason we were there of course was for the wedding of my nephew Phillip to his fiancee Nichola.

It all went off without a hitch, but I hit the sack about 23,30 when the young uns hit the night club.

So I have been to Cyprus for 2 weeks and know nothing about the island whatsoever, the only bit of the Island I saw was on the trip to and from the airport.

The trip went to well that everyone is talking of another family holiday next year, in fact the planning has already started!

I rang the oncologist whilst in Cyprus to see whats next for me thinking they would want to scan me to see how the radiology and stereo tactic knife surgery went, her answer was nothing unless you feel ill.

With that in mind Im thinking of going to Spain in a couple of weeks to sort out my personal stuff in the villa.

I have put some wedding photos on below.

I will blog again if any significant happens..... 


  1. Only 5*... you're worth quite a few more than that Paul ;)
    Great to see you're getting out and about on your good days :)

  2. Lovely to see the pics and you smiling. Xx

  3. Well this is significant Paul, it’s surely pleased all your blog followers that you have had such a great time with your family with no hitches.
    Same again for Spain!

    NB WaL

  4. Bravo! So pleased you made it and everyone had a wonderful time. Memories to cherish. Well done xxx

  5. Hope to see you in Mojacar!! glad you had a good time Cyprus-family rules OK!

  6. Looks like you had a great time at the wedding with your lovely family. The sunshine and fresh air, would have done wonders. Looking good!

  7. Paul when you don't write a post your reader in Adelaide phones and pesters me asking "What's going on with Paul? How the hell am I supposed to know. So could you please post a little more frequently and give me a break! Three words will do "I'm still here" :-) There are plenty of us out here in blog-world concerned about you

  8. Bravo Paul!! What a lovely opportunity to soak up some sun, gather in some hugs, and relax. Thank you for filling us in on how you are doing.

    Jaq xxx

  9. All of the above. Your probably thought about more than you know.All the best, Happy days. Cheers

  10. Lovely to see you smiling gin the sun. Hope you've made it to Spain. Love and hugs from Barry and me xx