Friday, February 10, 2012

99% There!

We are now so close we can virtually taste it ! Our house buyer has paid the deposit and signed the contract and by tomorrow morning, it should all be a done deal !  Our Real Estate guy said we can be officially excited at 10 minutes past 10 am Saturday 11 Feb 2012 - it is now 19:50 pm Friday night !  So, tonight we are drinking the Australian champagne .. tomorrow it will be French (we actually prefer the Australian !).

More details tomorrow but we should be in the UK by the end of March !  Give me another glass .. hic !!!
Paul and Elaine x


  1. Fingers crossed for you both, March is a great time of year to start your exploits over here, we have a son in Manley, so find your blogs very interesting and have given us a good insight to the area. We are also planning for retirement and working towards a canal boat of our own. Caroline and Martin

    1. Hi Guys
      Your son is very lucky to live in Manly, it is definitely one of Australia's top spots.

  2. I'm holding my breath with you for the ink to be dry on the contract tomorrow....

  3. i have hidden your boat and your not having it