Monday, February 27, 2012

Advice Needed re Onboard Communications

When we finally arrive in the UK and  move aboard  Caxton aka The Manly Ferry one of the first things to get sorted will be a mobile phone plus getting the laptop sorted for emails and bloggin etc.
I am a bit of a fair dinkum Luddite when  it comes down to setting up these things.

All we will be arriving with is a laptop.

Questions are.....

1. What company offers the best coverage

2. I have been looking at these click  little wifi thinggies I like the idea of no wires and being able to connect up to 5 devices.

3. How many MBs GBs would you think we would need, we will probably be only using the laptop for blogging, downloading pics and emails etc, we are not into games...well not computer games!

4. Can you get a package for an Iphone plus wifi thinggy and do they do deals, what is a reasonable monthly figure?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Cheers Paul........... 30 days and counting


  1. Responses to your queries eagerly anticipated!
    I have the same questions.

  2. Hi Folks
    We have the following:
    Mobile phone contract with T-Mobile which also includes the 2g Orange network. This cost us £35PCM and includes 2 phones and a WIFI 3g dongle. We also have a 3 WIFI dongle that costs £8 pcm.

    1. Thanks Lesley, which provider gives the best coverage?

    2. RE: "which also includes the 2g Orange network" I think T-Mobile customers have had the Orange 3g opened up to them - or it is in progress.

      I think the big issue to ask people about is 3g reception at water level as I often read about blogs not updated due to lack of signal. People often have a back up provider also.

  3. We arrived in the UK with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and I purchased a 3 Mobile £15 pre-paid monthly plan which gives us 300 mins talk, 3000 txt and unlimited (true unlimited) data. I have configured the samsung so it can be tethered (act as a wireless router). We use it for phone, text and data. Currently we have the laptop, netbook, iPad and iTouch all connected to the internet via it.
    I also bought our 4x4 bullbar aerial which connects to the phone.
    nb Waiouru

  4. We go for a 6 week canal fix each year from Oz and to answer these questions a few years ago, we kept an eye on an Ozzie mobile we had with us to see which networks it roamed to. Then we found T-mobile the most consistent with O2(Orange?) a close second but more lately Virgin has been pretty strong too. We then went to a Carphone Warehouse to get equipped with a Virgin mobile and 3 dongle. They don't work everywhere but do most of the time. We also set up a Talk-mobile phone becuase we found that they have very cheap calls to Oz and US landlines - 1p / minute.

    BTW, we leave on March 29 for our next trip, so we may see you on the cut.

    Good luck with your travels, Roger