Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last trip on the Manly Ferry

We went over to the city last Friday to catch up with some old friends from Byron Bay who were staying in the city for a few days.  As it was probably going to be our last  trip on the Manly Ferry I thought I had better take the camera along for some shots!

We were accompanied  by some of our 'Northern Beaches' friends who we met when we first arrived in Oz  in 1980. We were all in our very early twenties then and I still laugh when I look at the old photos from the early days; we all had mega sun tans without any worries of mortgages, serious jobs etc. - great times!

Back to the trip...... we overtook an Australian navy ship on its way back from....who knows ...
Passing a warship with another Manly ferry heading toward Manly
When we arrived at Circular Quay there was a P&O liner in (Aurora)
We walked around to a pub in the rocks area where we had a few drinks and dinner...
With old friends in the pub
At about 11 pm we walked back to Circular Quay to catch the last ferry back to Manly ...
I took a last pic from the ferry looking back towards the Opera House and bridge. If you are ever in Sydney a trip on the Manly Ferry is a must - it's cheap and you get the best views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge;  if the seas are rough you get a great roller coast ride as you cross Sydney Heads!
Looking back from the ferry
On Sunday afternoon we went to our favourite watering hole ... the Manly 16ft Yacht Club, with some old friends ...
Elaine and Julia
I took a night time shot on the way home of Manly cove beach and the ferry wharf; my first flat in Manly was located 100 metres from here.....ahhhh the memories !
Manly Cove and wharf
Back to the present day........Chaos reigns supreme as we or, I should say Elaine, is getting everything ready for the big move, I won't say any more as she is going to do a blog on it.  I will say she has been a bloody star, I have the easy job of going to work every day!

Other news is the flights have been booked and paid for by my boss (perhaps he wants to get rid of me :-))

We fly to the UK on 28th March the animals fly out on the 29th.

I had a chat with my brother Russell last night as he is spending a few night aboard Caxton at Stourport on Severn; he is loving it and amazed how warm it is and how much better the boat shower is compared with his home shower!

That's all for now ... :)


  1. It must be hard top say goodbye to all your friends, haunts....oh, and the weather. But, you are coming to a green-and-pleasant-land as the song goes and RETIREMENT yippee!!!

  2. Good luck with everything, hope to see you on the cut in the not too distant future!