Monday, November 11, 2013

Anglesea Shut!

We left the Hendre Mynach caravan park this morning and drove back to Barmouth ...

There weren't many people about yesterday, but today is was deserted, we were the tourists!

Barmouth was surrounded by mist, but the temperature wasn't too bad, it was positively balmy!

We took a walk along the deserted brealwater ...

Looking across the bleak harbour ...

Somewhere across there is Carol and George's (NB Rock n Roll) old cottage ...

Bombo was loving being around a beach, as ever ...
Photo: Paul and Bombo playin on Barmouth beach!

This is exactly what we wanted the motorhome for, to see the other parts of the UK that you simply cannot do in a narrowboat.  Although it was bleak and misty is was just so spectacular ...

I must do the train trip one day, it goes all the way up the coast ...

We really had no plans, so we decided to go to Anglesea.  As you may know from a previous blog, where we met Kate in London as she was waiting to give birth to the future Monarch ... she thoroughly recommended it and said it was well worth a look ...

When we are out in the boat Bombo assumes the position in the life ring on the hatch, in the van it is Elaine's knee and asleep!

The scenery through Snowdonia was world class, and very very wet!

Some of the roads were very narrow!  We were going through a little village when we met a truck coming the other way - it was a very tight squeeze and took a fair while whilst we squeezed past each other inch by inch.  After pulling the mirrors right in, it was 'fag paper width' stuff, remember this ain't no steel narrowboat, I ain't scratching this baby!

Now where were we?  Oh yes, we arrived in Anglesea and basically it was shut!  Kate didn't tell us that bit - all the sites were shut for winter, so we ended up on the side of a mountain above Llandudno. We rang the only caravan site that we could find open whilst we were 'moored up' in Llandudno centre ... the chap tried to give us directions but eventually drove down to escort us up to the site which was on his farm.  It was a good job he did as we would never have found it!  We are in the middle of nowhere but apparently we have a sea view in the distance ... we will have to wait till daylight to see if he is correct.

We will head back to the boat tomorrow via Macclesfield.

What we have learned on this inaugural trip is that we must plan a bit more to check what sites are open!  (Mind you, we did do that originally ... just that we got bogged in the first one!)  You can just imagine it in summer, it would be the dead opposite with all the sites full.

We will also do a bit of wild camping in the future, but this trip I just wanted to check everything worked on the van, and using the shore power in case it didn't, as in HEAT!

Very, very pleased with the van and Elaine is loving sitting in the warm with no locks to do!


  1. Hi you two
    Yes watch those narrow lanes. We had a mirror broken by a truck on our Autotrail just out of Hastings. Truck drivers are not always very careful. Have fun.

    1. Hi Guys
      Yep they look expensive to replace, we are having fun that's for sure.

  2. That sure is a beautiful drive up through Snowdonia, you have height in your vehicle so you can see far more than I did in my little car!! Anglesea shuts a lot even when it is open!! LOL