Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pikeys In Macclesfield

As promised, yesterday morning we woke to our sea view in Llandudno ...

We thought we had better head back to the boat as I had run out of drugs, purely for medicinal purposes of course.

We took a detour to Rhyl on the way ...

Where Bombo found some lovely birdshit to roll in ...

Like Anglesea, Rhyl was also shut ...

Is anybody out there ?????? Nah - just a dirty dog!

We stopped off at Runcorn to catch up with a couple of friends from Australia who are now living, and are renovating, a house in Runcorn.  It has views over the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal but I forgot to take photos!

We also passed a castle, as you do!

We stopped off in Macclesfield to see Elaine's dad and pick up a lot of mail and bits and pieces he had for us.  It was getting late so we decided to stay for the night in Macc.  Oh goody a nice bed to sleep in, I thought!  No, says Elaine, we have to sleep in the van in case someone breaks into it and nicks the cats!!!!  As long as they don't nick the van that's fine by me, says I!   So - as I knew I was fighting a losing battle - we slept in the van with all the animals on some waste ground behind Burts house ... we are Pikeys!

We were up at 7.00 am this morning and were soon on our way back to the boat.  Once there we soon unloaded all the gear and animals back onboard.  We drove down to the local shell service station where they had a jet wash machine.  I had been cleaning it for about 15 mins and spent about six quid trying to make it gleam again, but to no avail as the equipment was crap.  Some nice chappie in a BMW pulled up and said he has a motorhome about the same size and  recommended I go to the local car wash in Stone; he said the Polish lads will clean the whole thing including the roof for £20.00.

We were off!  Five mins later, the lads were into it whilst Elaine and I went into town for a cuppa.

They did a really good job, well worth the £20.00 - it was a very muddy truck from our recent adventures!

When we got back to the marina, Elaine cleaned up the interior of the van whilst I painted the undercoat in the cratch ... see it is a boaty blog after all!

As regards one of our next adventures, we noticed there is a campground in Crystal Palace, which we would like to try to get down to before Xmas to see the London Xmas lights ... we know for certain that London will not be shut!


  1. We loved Wales in the winter with all the beaches to ourselves and the dogs. We used to get quite annoyed in the summer when there were emits there too! Glad you had such a great time, especially Bombo!. We love Wales!!

  2. If you fancy another trip out why not go to Birmingham. The Christmas markets started today and they're the biggest I've ever seen, twice the size of Manchester.

  3. I didn't see the episode of Location Location Location in Lymm when it was first broadcast, but it's on More4 right now! Eyes peeled for Caxton.