Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fish Pie and Other Stuff !!

My cooking skills are a bit lacking, so I was well chuffed with a fish pie I made last night.  I only had some chilli cheese to put in it, so that  gave it a bit of a kick, but I ended up making a bit too much ... then checked the recipe ...  it was for 4-6!  Thanks Jamie, you legend!

This fella came knocking for his breakfast this pie?

We had to do a few chores in Stone plus take Bombo to the groomers, which in my opinion has got to be one of the best occupations in the UK ... they are always booked up weeks ahead, and charge a pretty penny - still cheaper than Oz, but not much in it.

Dot and Gordon (NB Ewn Ha Cul) were moored up in Stone so we dropped in for a cuppa plus Dot gave us some jam and jelly to take away, thanks Dot.

For the last couple of days of have been derusting and priming the oversized cratch.  Yesterday was a write-off, as the weather was just awful.  Today I got a lot more done ... just needed to undercoat it and overcoat with gloss a bit later.

Bombo came back a pretty boy, and smelt like one!

Elaine has been stocking up the motorhome for the past couple of days, as tomorrow we are off on its maiden voyage ... we are off to some remote spot in Wales, should be fun, can't wait!


  1. I thought all spots in Wales were remote, felt like it when I lived there. What bit you off to?

  2. 40 mins drive south of Barmouth, Ll....something of other!