Friday, August 15, 2014

Isle of Skye

We crossed over the bridge onto the Isle of Skye late morning.

We then sat in a carpark looking out over the water for a while as we had a good internet signal and we wanted to catch up emails, banking etc.  I also booked a ferry to The Outer Hebrides for Sunday. We are going to North Uist then getting a ferry back from South Uist to Oban.  It is about a 2.5 hour trip going over and then over 5 hours for the return trip.  We can't get a ferry back at the mo but I am sure we will get a place over the next few days.

We then spotted a nice ship sailing into Loch Alsh ...
Isle of Skye 040

We took a walk around Kyleakin, these guys certainly want to break away from the UK!
Isle of Skye 041

Oh look a ruin!
Isle of Skye 042

We had no destination so we went for a cruise around the Isle, stopping when something took our fancy.  Once again the pics just don't show how amazing the scenery is, Elaine best described it as living in a calendar!
Isle of Skye 043

The sheep cant be bothered with the view ...
Isle of Skye 044

We stopped for the night at Dunvegan ...
Isle of Skye 046

What can I say…..stunning!
Isle of Skye 047

We went for a walk to check out the local castle - we didn't want to pay so went for a long walk across some fields.  The castle looked a bit ordinary for a castle, and it was pebble dashed!!
Isle of Skye 049

We met some Germans on the way back to the van who were asking if there was a view point to see the castle without paying to go inside.  We told them where we had seen it from but told them it was a 'boring castle' and showed them our photo to illustrate our point.  They found it hilarious that we should call it a 'boring castle'!

Very nice views from the pebble dashed palace though ...
Isle of Skye 050

Isle of Skye 051

Another old ruin (behind Elaine, of course!) ...

Isle of Skye 052

Tonight we are moored up in the carpark of the castle and we have now been joined by an Italian and Spanish motorhome.  There are so many motorhomes touring Scotland, more than we spotted in Europe, and mostly they are Italian and Spanish.  Perhaps they head north to escape the heat and influx of tourists in their neck of the woods at this time of year.

Isle of Skye 053

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