Saturday, August 16, 2014


We went for a walk last night to check out our neighbours, these two guys were it!

It was an interesting experience spending the night on the rocky outcrop as during the night the wind really picked up. It felt a bit like being in a aeroplane during some turbulence, the van was rocking around all night and this morning.

Here is the spot we moored up in on Autoroute ...

We had a lazy morning just watching the sea.  We spotted one seal but we were too slow with the camera.

We headed off to a campsite at Uig as I wanted to hook up to 240 and put a good charge in the batteries before we head off tomorrow.

We passed some old crofters huts on the way ...

For some reason I thought that Uig was going to be a big place.....wrong!

Basically Uig is a Ferry terminal and not much else.

There is a fair bit of junk lying around ...

The highlight of the day was watching the ferry come in, she is a fair old lump at 5500 tons.

The wind was blowing at nearly 50mph so it was fun watching her dock ...

No matter whether they are narrow boats or large ferries, the best way to moor up in a crosswind is to get a line on the bow and power her around ...

And that's just what they did. 

We are taking this ferry tomorrow morning on what is supposed to be an even windier and rougher day, it should be a fun trip! 

As I said it's just a big ferry terminal ...

We have spent the rest of the day in the van, me doing a few minor repairs and Elaine doing some research on blog articles for her own little blog.

I have also discovered there is a bar at the other end of town, hopefully it will stop raining so we can go and explore!


  1. Don’t forget your sea-sickness tablets before that ferry crossing - good luck!!

    1. Thanks Carol its only a couple of hours....