Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seals Of Approval

After a mega full English Breakfast we filled the van with diesel and set off exploring the island.
We headed to the northern tip of the island.  We hadn't been going long when we spotted a lot of seals lying on some rocks, so we left the dogs in the van and set off to get some pics.

They were quite well disguised against the rocks and seaweed ...
seal of approval 004
seal of approval 006

When we got about 30ft away they all slinked (?slunk) off into the water except this guy ...
seal of approval 007

The others, and there were about ten of them,  kept a watching brief on us ...
seal of approval 008

Such lovely animals ...
seal of approval 009

It was great to see them in their natural habitat ...
seal of approval 012

On the way back to the van I spotted this old Kelvin twin lying in the grass ...
seals 003

There are some lovely restored cottages on the foreshore ...
seal of approval 013

seal of approval 019

We carried on to to the most northern spot where we ran out of road!  We went for a walk along the beach, but it started raining very heavily, with a strong wind, so we beat a retreat to the warmth of the van ...
seal of approval 023

We then drove down the west coast of the island, once again stopping at a superb deserted beach ...
seal of approval 024

The sand is so white, just like the Caribbean except its about 30 degrees cooler.

We normally keep Sammie on his lead as he tends to run off, so Elaine suggested that we just tie both the leads together, using Bombo as a 'slowing anchor' ... so then he couldn't get away!
seal of approval 025

It worked a treat, Bombo went nuts as usual, dragging Sammie with him, a good result ...
seal of approval 026

seal of approval 027
Not bad eh?  If you desire a holiday with isolation The Outer Hebrides is the place for you.  We do love it here but couldn't handle much more than a few days, as we prefer a bit of human interaction plus of course some pubs and restaurants, which are virtually non existent on the island.

We don’t know what the locals do for their entertainment but we spotted a big bonfire being built………'The Wicker man' came to mind!
seal of approval 029

This chap obviously likes tractors ...
seal of approval 036

Ruin with a view ...
seal of approval 040

We moored up for the night on a deserted headland.  It is a Kiwi's dream spot, we are surrounded by sheep!
seal of approval 043

The blue line is our track on autoroute, we probably drove about 18 miles ...
seal of approval 044

It's still pretty windy, but nowhere near as bad as the last couple of nights.  We certainly wouldn't have been mooring up here that's for sure if the wind hadn't have dropped ...
seals 008

A lovely sunset too, so today I have seen sunrise and sunset!

Tomorrow we will explore the southern part of the island.

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