Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Nice Guys

Another nice-guys-news-day....... 

One of our boating friends is going through a medical emergency, resulting in him being admitted to hospital in Stoke.  The boat is their home but the problem is that the boat is at Braunston.  It would be really handy if the boat was a bit closer to the hospital allowing the other half to (1) get her home back and (2) make it easier to visit hubby in hospital.

Luckily, the Aston Marina winter moorers heard about the predicament and have swung into action to get the boat back to Aston Marina ASAP .

Kudos to Ray (NB Ferndale), Gordon (Ewn Ha Cul) and Roly (NB Klara) for making it all possible. Hopefully I will be able to give them a hand somewhere along the line but unfortunately we are having a few minor problems ourselves at the moment.

We will raise a glass to them on New Year's Eve as they should have been spending it with their other halves down at the Royal Exchange, but I know that they really don't mind doing another boater a good turn no matter what time of the year.     

Meanwhile back in Bolly, we had an (early) and busy morning and after that we decided to to go to Sutton Hall for a nice lunch.  It is one of our favourite pubs in the UK.  Some guests arrived by horse and carriage!

The only problem was that it was packed and we couldn't get a table!

The Sutton Hall pub is right next to the canal at Macclesfield, so if you moor on the Gurnett aqueduct it is just across the canal ...

The carriage driver suggested we try the Ryles Arms pub up the road a couple of miles, just outside Sutton.

Off we went and had a very nice lunch.  It was also pretty crowded ... obviously there are a lot of people having an extended Christmas break.

The view from the pub was pretty good too ...

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