Wednesday, December 3, 2014


We drove up to Macclesfield from Milton Keynes on Monday.  Today our plan was to go to a few real estate agents and try and find somewhere to live for a few months!

Firstly, I took the dogs for a walk in the freezing cold.  I don't mind the cold its the rain and drizzle that does me in.

The frost stayed on the ground all day in the shaded areas ...
Christchurch in Macclesfield
Our plan is to live in the little town of Bollington.  It's a magic little town with an amazing amount of pubs and restaurants!  It is known locally as 'Happy Valley'.  A bonus is that the Macclesfield canal runs through the middle of the town!

Lord St, Bollington ... featuring plenty of frost!
We ended up looking at three properties today.

It's quite difficult when we are basically foreigners (although British and Aus citizen), have no references (we've always owned the 'properties' we have lived in), don't work (but self funded) and have have two dogs!  We took the dogs with us so that the real estate guys could see what good tenants they would be!

The real estate company we are dealing with are very understanding of our situation and seem to be quite accommodating ... a good find!


  1. Good luck with the house hunting
    Richard & Sharon (nb oakapple)

  2. Thanks guys, we are getting there slowly.