Monday, December 29, 2014

Nice people :-)

We have only lived in Bollington for just over a week and have visited the pub across the road 3 times......

This morning there was a knock on the door so I answered it and standing there was one of the chaps I had met in the pub!  He asked me if I knew anything about Fyffes bananas!  Strange question I thought, but I told him that I know a chap who works at Fyffes.  He then asked me my surname, which I give him ... he then produced a memory stick in the shape of a Fyffes banana!

It was indeed my memory stick, which just happened to have all our banking details on it, from both here and in Oz, with all our personal information on!!!  We put all the info on the stick so that when we went to estate agents we could show them the relevant info, in order that we could rent the house!   He had found the stick down the road a couple of days ago and he obviously had to check out the info on it.  He must have put two and two together and guessed that the chap he met in the pub, who was renting a place across the road and happened to be from Oz, could be me!!!   I didn't even know that I had lost the bloody thing.

I will now have to buy him a pint when when we meet next in the pub but it will probably have to be more than a pint now he knows that we are multi millionaires (ha ha!!!).

What a lucky day :)