Thursday, March 16, 2017

Farewell Mum XX

I have just got back from spending 5 days in the UK. The main reason for the visit was to attend mothers funeral.

My first stop was to visit Elaine's sister Julie, whilst there I also caught up with Elaine's niece Leyna her husband Bill and her lovely children Connie, Evie and William.
Evie Connie and me
Leyna runs a livery yard, as well as the usual stables etc there are numerous sheds where Bill keeps his toys, this little baby is amongst them.

Next stop was Luton where I stayed in a hotel in the middle of the town, the weather was lovely whilst I was there, I think I might do a complete blog post on my old home town and how it has fallen into total decay since I lived there throughout the late 50s 60s and 70s

My lovely niece Kimberley came to visit me one night so I took her out to a lovely Italian restaurant and then to the Globe pub where I spent my drinking days in Luton

It hasn't changed much in the last 37 years, and some of the locals were still drinking there!!

Tuesday was funeral day. it all went very well, we started the funeral from the funeral directors premises, it was quite interesting on the drive to the cemetery to watch peoples reactions when the funeral cortege passed, I was amazed how many people removed their hats including young people. We passed some workmen, they all stopped and nodded as the hearse went past. It was nice and humbling to see that there was still some respect in Luton.

I have never been to a burial before, it is very moving.

The grave is filled in very quickly after the coffin is lowered into the grave.

There is a headstone being made up but it is months away.

The wake was held at a country cricket club.

Mother sat at the end of the food table with her half of Fosters! 

As well as family and friends I caught up with my northern cousins who I haven't seen since the mid 70s!

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  1. A family funeral is always such a sad occasion - but sometimes laughter and remembering all those funny things that Mum's say and do lighten things a bit. Our condolences to you Paul.
    Jenny and Robin, Romany Rambler