Friday, March 24, 2017

Life in Spain....

I had to laugh when someone sent me this clip on life in Spain, what an embarrassment, I love the chaps description of where he lives....a posh ghetto!!

Click here to check it out, you wont be dissapointed.

Of course I am also guilty of living like a pom, my local is an Irish bar, but it is just down the road so it makes sense. I do eat in Spanish bars/restaurants, plus I am learning the language slowly but surely.
I have also travelled throughout Spain and can happily say that Mojacar does look like Spain, it is the last place in Spain with chiringuitos (A chiringuito is a small enterprise, usually a bar, selling mainly drinks and tapas, sometimes meals in a more or less provisional building, often on a beach or loose surface where a more permanent structure may be inviable)  on the beach, there are also a lot of Spanish who live here, it is truly paradise.

The Spanish are not to crash hot on animal welfare, but children are sacred and precious beyond belief.

A good example is the local school bus dropping off the little cherubs, it has a police escort every single school day, at every stop the cops hold up the traffic until the children are off the bus and have crossed the road.

I dont really have a problem with this, the problem is that because the little darlings can do NO wrong they are the most awful children I have ever met, absolutely no manners as they are never scolded for bad or annoying behavior.

 Not a bad school bus though!

But I like 99% of the other immigrants who live here are here for one reason....sunshine, and that is plentiful.

We are loving our daily beach walks, it's a lovely way to start and finish the day.

The doggies are not allowed on the beach after the end of May until the start of October, I have no problems with this and is so much better than Sydney where they were banned every day of the year, if you were caught you were flogged then hanged drawn and quartered.

A managed to get a not too good photo of some dolphins as they were passing by.

Other happenings were the football game between England and Germany, I was joined by my lovely Dutch friend Eva who was proudly wearing a England shirt...she wasn't going to support the Germans was she! 
Pity we lost.

On a sad note, the boaters are all starting their mass exodus back to boating and cruising in the UK. By next week they will all be gone. I will miss them terribly but they are all coming back again next year and I wouldnt be surprised if they were joined by more boaters from the UK.

As I said earlier Mojacar  is paradise, there are no posh ghettos here!
Bev, Sue, Dot, Gordon, Andy, Roly and me. We all met wintering at Aston Marina


  1. Hi Paul-We may be one of the boating couples to join you this winter, Could you text me your mobile as I have a couple of queries best done by text rather than ruining your blog!! My mobile is +44 7867 904434. Cheers

  2. I have to say Paul, we know for a fact at least two of the people in that video were very disappointed that "The Guardian" edited out what was said about how beautiful and quiet this area is. One big Torrevieja (ten kilometres away) it is not! Orihuela is a beautiful area as you know from the photos on my blog. Most of us expats who live here happily embrace the Spanish lifestyle -- and the Med diet, and the Brit humour with friends.. There´s only two hotels within 5 kilometres of us. Most "holidaymakers" who come in summer have second homes here, and respect the people and the area. We live amidst northern Europeans and Spanish, the Brits here are out-numbered big style. The small, very small area where the video was taken is definitely a (very) small version of little Britain. We know it and avoid it. Such places are rarely even seen. The Guardian and it´s biased portrayal chose to give a truly false representation of the whole area. No scenic views and no stepping outside the confines of a tiny Brit takeover. Typical. They should´ve stepped outside the tiny boundary line...