Saturday, March 18, 2017

Paddy's Day In Mojacar

Last year we celebrated Paddy's day down at the local pub The Emerald Isle so this year it was decided to do the same.

I was a bit apprehensive as last years celebration down the pub was the last time that Elaine had a really good trouble free day.

But after mothers burial I really feel that I can move on a bit more with hopefully no more bad moments so to speak.

I need not have worried it was a great day.

The barmaids Eva and Lily were dressed for the occasion!!

Its only fair that I should show you what they looked like before they grew beards!! 

All the boaters were there plus the normal regulars and loads more to boot. 

My sister Jackie and niece Hayley are with me at the moment so of course they came along.. Bombo wasn't going to miss out, he slept through most of the celebrations! 

I was dressed for the occasion along with the landlord Jay.

Being a Irish pub its probably the busiest day/night of the year, we got there at about 15.00 and left at 01.30.

It was a most fantastic night with great company.

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