Saturday, August 26, 2017

Next Road Trip Planned

I have been a bit busier than usual getting the house tidied up, the inside is ok but the outside decks are covered in dust which blows over from North Africa. Its so hard to get rid of but im getting there.

I still managed to get a few sessions in down at my office!

They even had my bed waiting for me, they are such lovely people. 

I took both Bombo and Sammie for a haircut, it is very hot at the mo so they needed a good short clip.
I also decided to make my bed a bit more inviting should I get lucky one day, its a massive super king size bed but the sheets, quilt and pillows are all over the place so I went down to a newly opened shop in Mojacar run by a couple of young girls and  bought all new bed gear, it now looks lovely.

So to my road trip....... After talking to a few of my friends who stay down here for July and August and suffer the intense heat and crowds, I have decided to go back to the UK again next year but....I decided to go direct from Spain to Portsmouth rather than the super long drive through France and Spain. In the motorhome it was brill cos I could go on the A roads and just enjoy the trip, but with the doggies and finding hotels and paying tolls etc its a bit of a bugger. Plus of course on my own its a bit boring.

Brittany ferries are the only company going from Spain to the UK, the problem is they have very few doggie friendly cabins so the dogs have to go on outside kennels on the roof where its rather noisy with all the other dogs and next to the ship's funnel.  I checked online and couldn't find any dog friendly cabins, they had already been booked!  I decided to ring them and got talking to a very friendly girl who spent ages until she found me a dog friendly cabin up and back....Result!  In going the third week of June and returning the third week of August. All up it will be cheaper as well and that doesnt include speeding fines!

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