Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A New Post !!!

Its been ages since I wrote up a  post, I'm busy everyday but nothing exciting like when we were travelling.

The Jolly  Green Giant is back in Mojacar, he comes down two or three times a year.  Its an 8WD , converted rocket launcher, the owner  owns a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland , he's a friendly chap, it does a Max of 8 MPG!

Hes not short of a few bob so running costs aren't a problem.

The customs and rescue boats have been busy racing out to rescue refugees coming across from Africa.

It was the lovely Eva's 21st birthday so I took her to a nice beach bar where we had a very long lunch and cocktails. 

This young girl has done so much for me to drag me out of my dark days, which thankfully seem to be well and truly over. 

She is an amazingly mature 21 year old, I owe her big time. 

The weather is absolutely fantastic, still quite hot in the day but much cooler over night. 

Healthwise, I still have strange things going on in my head.

I have stopped drinking for the last three weeks (Apart from cocktail) 

I have cut out coffee and am eating much better.

I have been to the Dr a few times but the strange attacks are still happening so i'm off to see  a Neurologist on 3rd November.

Its a private hospital about one hours drive down the coast, elaine went there a few times, but at least i'm insured so the costs will be zero.

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  1. Hi Paul, so glad to hear you're feeling better. A long road mate. Take care. Jennifer and Peter. NB mactras filia (current my in Indonesia)