Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Beach Bar Is Trucked Away

Today was the day my favourite beach bar was taken off the beach as it was the end of the season.  It was quite sad seeing it being trucked away, by the time I walked down there they were on the last container, the other two had been taken away earlier in the morning.  They will bring it all back again Late May.

The last shade umbrella.

Away she goes. 

The lovely view where I spent nearly every afternoon. 

Anika telling customers sorry we are closed today!

The last container strapped up. 


 And its gone.

Farewell Samoa Surf, see you next year.

The strange thing is that the weather is superb, its still hot and sea lovely and warm, but they have to be off the beach on the first week of October.

They remove absolutely everything off the beach, the shower water is turned off, the bins are removed and the wooden walkways taken up.

The good thing is that we can now walk the doggies on the beach again legally, although I took them down in the evening even in the summer.

Its as if someone has turned a switch off in Mojacar, its like a ghost town, I do like it like this though, it will be interesting spotting all the old friends from last year as they arrive for the winter.

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