Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Life On A Drip !!!

Well things have gone a bit pear shaped since the last post....

And as Im typing this whilst under various anti-biotics and drugs in my system there will be the numerous errors, plus medical ones which Im sure some people pick up, but hopefully you will get the general gist of where Im up to......

I was handling the chemo ok and was on track to head on down to Spain with brother Russell and nephew Liam via the Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry.

But....last Friday the 12th whilst out with my sister sorting out headstones for ME my late mum and dad, my head sprung a leak, and started oozing out liquid and traces of blood, it was coming from the top of the scar, from the tumour removal, it had been leaking a little anyway and I thought it was just taking a while to heal properly, but this was like a hole!!

We went back to my base in Milton Keynes and made a decision on what to do....

It was nearly 18.00 and everyone was hungry, sorted lets get an Indian takeaway... It was absolutely lovely!!

Unfortunately my head was leaking a lot worse, so sensible head on and ring Charing Cross Hospital!!!

 Answer, get to Milton Keynes A and E ...... Now!!

This was 19.00 on a Friday night, so we were expecting to be sat around for hours waiting to be seen by the poor over worked NHS staff, the reality was in about ten minutes, Im having blood taken, scans are arranged of my brain and its all moving very fast.

  Milton Keynes hospital doesn't have a neuro  section, the closest one is Oxford, but as I had the original op at Charing Cross it made sense to go there,  this was going to be the only holdup as all the Ambulances in the UK are being used to transport people around who are dropping like flies because of the bloody antipodean fkin flu!

So blues and twos were fitted to Kimberley's car and off we went to Charing Cross hospital with all the notes from Milton Keynes hospital, we arrived at Charing Cross A and E at about 01.00am on Saturday morning, once again straight in. Many thanks to Kim and Russ for taking me they got back to MK at about 03.00 and then both had work the next day!

It was pretty packed in there , but the was only one neuro doctor on so he came to look at me very quickly, he asked me to cough,which I did and covered him with a fountain of CSF (Cerobrospinal fluid)   which was now literally squirting out of my head!! He said no tests required this is serious leak and stitched it straight away and I was whisked off to a ward!

The result of all this is that I am now back in my little private room on the 15h floor of Charing Cross hospital whilst they pump me full of antibiotics.  I have an infection which resulted in the leak, its now only leaking a very little, but there can be no leak whatsoever, so it must be resolved. The Prof who did the original brain tumour removal has visited everyday including Sunday!! There is a chance that he will have to operate again, but he is very reluctant to  as at the moment the brain is still 100% protected and fine but if he opens again there are some serious risks involved, dying can be fatal!

Im all good at the moment, its a lovely room with views over London, BUPA are covering everything, I'm having lots of visitors and I'm in a top Neurological hospital.

My next chemo probably wont happen as this must be sorted first.

So as the title says I am on a drip not constantly, but sometimes it feels like it, but I do get breaks and go walk about etc.

Other Stuff....

Brother Russell and Nephew Liam have delivered the Shaguar back to Mojacar.

Thankfully I didn't go as there is no doubt I would have died of meningitis on a Brittany ferry in the middle of the Bay of Biscay.

They had a rough two night crossing and were indeed the last ferry to sail as they are all now cancelled because of rough seas.  

Once off at Bilbao it was a straight 9 hour drive through rain fog and snow before hitting the sun as they got close to mojacar .

 They were in the Emerald Isle pub for Pizza and beers Tuesday evening, meeting up with Mojacar Cruising Canal Club people.

And what lovely people the MCCC are, they had been up the villa the day before, and cleaned the bed sheets, cleaned the villa, stocked the fridge all ready for my brother and nephews visit.. they were also assisted by a couple of other mojacar friends, I cant thank you guys enough x

Today Russ and Liam have cleaned and polished the Jag back to perfection they have explored a few coffee shops and had a swim in the sea!!!

They fly back to Luton on Sunday, so will have a lovely few days in the  winter sun.

I will get back down there myself, but at the moment probably a fair while away.

I can only hope, that this post made sense...... XXX


  1. Makes perfect sense sunshine! If a little sad for you that you didn't make it to Mojacar but as I promised to buy the drinks what can I say! ??? Sincerely hope you recover from the infection rapidly and get back on your road to Mojacar. LOL xxx

  2. Gosh you don't do things by halves do you paul. Here was me thinking we hadn't heard from you because you were living it up in Spain. Never mind I'm sure you'll be there soon mate. Going to be 28 here today in tassie andd 35 tomorrow. A heatwave for us. Jennifer and Peter

  3. Actually makes more sense than normal!! you just get better soon!

  4. Your sense of humour through all your trials is amazing and inspirational Paul, keep it up! x

  5. Sorry to hear of the setbacks Paul ..but with your resolve and optimism i am sure Mijacar is not far away Mate. Sending love and very best wishes toyou xxxxx

  6. Hope you get to Mojacar soon. All the best Sheila.

  7. Just read your blog. Christ you certainly have been through it. Hopefully the meds will get you better. I can only send my love and hugs to you and hope you heal very soon. Much love. Xxx