Friday, January 5, 2018

Meeting With Oncologist

Had a meeting today at Charing Cross hospital with Dr Danielle Power, specialist lung oncologist.

Tracy accompanied me to take down relevant notes, observations etc. Basically without going into lots of detail its the non-small cell cancer 'Adeno Carcinoma', which is a form of lung cancer where it has originated from. It is incurable but hopefully controllable with treatment, she showed us all the scans which showed a 3x4cm width and 5cm long tumour on the lung, and various legions on the spine, liver and pelvis area.  Primary treatment is Chemotherapy which is to commence on Tuesday 9th January and will continue with further sessions every 3 weeks. This gives me a good excuse to go catch some sun in Mojacar.  Brother Russ and I are heading back in the Shaguar on Sunday 14th Jan going via the Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry, all going to plan should see us back in Mojacar on Tuesday 16th evening.

 Russell will be doing all the driving as I am not allowed at the moment, Russell will spend a few days with me chauffeuring, cooking and cleaning for me and fly back to the UK on Sunday 21st. This gives me a few days break to catch up with friends in Mojacar before flying back to the UK for more chemo on Saturday 27th Jan.  In the words of the oncologist when asked about looking after myself she replied "Eat, drink and be merry!"

 I feel absolutely fantastic but they are now weaning me off the steroids as I have been on quite a high dosage for a long period of time. So from my perspective it's all good news and life carries on....

The doggies will be staying  in Milton Keynes which they love, plus it makes it so much easier for me knowing that they are being loved and looked after.

Nearly forgot.....

Yesterday I had an appointment with Professor Nandi the neurosurgeon who removed the stitches and showed me the post op brain scan, which showed a void where the tumour was and no swelling whatsoever.  As he promised he had completely removed all the cancerous tumour.  He was on crutches and told me had badly twisted his knee before he operated on my head and did most of the op propped up on one leg!! There are still two small brain tumours, which they will look at removing with a cyber knife at a later date depending on how the cancer reacts to chemo.

Im still having a few brain fade moments, but hey its only been just over two weeks since the surgery.



  1. All good! Look forward to seeing you back in Mojácar the Blessed . Drinks are on me ! Xxxxx

  2. I am so pleased you have loved one to help you out along this road. It is essential on your road to recovery. Go from strength to strength!!!

    Jaq xxx

  3. Paul, we've never met, but hubby and I have followed your blog ever since you bought Caxton from our good friends Lesley and Joe, who's blog we also followed from Caxton's conception to fruition. We'd just like to send you our best wishes for your ongoing treatment. Meanwhile, live life to the full as much as you can, and enjoy your few days back in Spain, and enjoy getting away from this horrible cold and wet weather we are having at the moment.
    Take care of yourself.
    Love Pip & Roger Haynes, ex nb Windsong

  4. Thinking of you. You're outlook on life is a true inspiration. We may try and get over to see you for an afternoon as we are still in San Jose until end Jan. All the best for tomorrow and safe travels. Big hugs. Esther Dan and puppy pack xxx