Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Escape Imminent

 Its now Tuesday 23rd January, so I have now been here 11 days, which doesn't sound long,  but it feels like an eternity.

The leak from my head has 100% stopped which is fantastic and there will be no more opening up of my Brain. There are still 2 more small tumours in there but they will be removed one day day by non invasive means, but that's not a given either, it all depends on how well the primary lung cancer responds to treatment.

I have been on anti biotic drips since I arrived here and they have done the job on getting the bacterial levels correct.

Its been a massive change for me that's for sure as up to this point I had never had a need to go to hospital.

The bit I hate more than anything is taking of blood at 06.00 every day, then its drip, sleep, eat, drip and so on until the last drip stops in the early hours of the morning. None of it is painful, but I'm in a constant daze not knowing  where I am or what time of day etc. Im also still having steroids, which I hate!! The worst side effects to me is a massive loss of taste, they feed me the most gorgeous looking food, but my taste buds are well and truly stuffed.

All in all minor stuff.

I have been getting loads of visitors which has been great.

Yesterday was a big day as I went outside for a walk... the hardest part was putting on my shoes as my feet had swollen so much, but I managed to get them on and went for a walk, with Cathy and Martin an couple of boaters who had come up from Southend to see me before they join the other boaters in Mojacar next week.  We  didn't go to far before returning to the safety of my little suite!

I am being discharged tomorrow and will be on an oral anti- biotic for about a month.

The next chemo is due on 30th January, that will not happen now, which I'm very happy about. They have mentioned radio therapy but nothing set in stone as yet. 

What I want  is to go home, see the family and doggies and try to start living some sort of normal life again. Its going to take a while to get into it, getting dressed is a struggle, so its going to take awhile methinks.

Hopefully I will get a few weeks to build up my strength then we will will tackle the primary lung cancer!!

Enjoy life people. its very very precious !!!



  1. So hopeful for your full recovery. Its great to see the blog and gives a brilliant insight of what you are going through. Keep smiling and blogging. I am sure we will be sering you soon back here xx

  2. It really is so good to read your blog Paul. You’re a star!

  3. You are an inspiration Paul - keep fighting.

  4. Well done Paul ! So pleased the leakage has stopped. Onward and onward! Great you got some fresh air . Thinking of you . With love. Xxx

  5. Keep going Paul!!

    I have been very lucky in that the steriods have not taken my taste buds to a different place nor has any other chemicals and drug pumped into me.. It's just a matter of getting through it all as you are doing..

    You are doing great and a total inspiration to all..

    Onward and upward and back home that is what you have to work for.. It will happen xx

  6. Can you send us a wave to let us know you're still hanging in there? Thinking of you. Gill

  7. I have never met Paul but have followed his blog from day 1. It's over a week now since Gill left her comment asking for a wave. I don't want to think the worse but does anyone have any news on Paul? Fingers crossed that no news is good news, and that Paul is doing OK. If you are reading this Paul, best wishes mate from myself, and no doubt from all of your blog readers. Regards, John.