Monday, June 25, 2012

Aussie Visitors

Very late night last night in the pub watching England get beat by the Italians, what can you say except the best team won!

Today we had visitors from Oz, it was my old work colleague Alison and her family who dropped in on their drive to Scotland, they are visiting Scotland, Paris, Venice and finally Milan before heading back to Sydney. It was great to catch up and have a natter. 

Alison, husband Steve and children Robert and Katie

After they left we decided to leave Milton and head for Etruria, it was  very pleasant trip on quite  a warm day
Patriotic house

Towards the end it is quite industrial mixed in with new developments, nice to see they keep the bottle kilns. 

This bridge is amusing, it has glass panels, the sign says bridge closed, I think they are having a rethink as nearly all the glass have been broken

We also go through Hanley Park where if you were too moor up for a while you would sure get high on the smell of the wafting marijuana, they certainly don't hide that they are having a smoke, all good though, they were all very friendly.  
You vil not escape

We emptied the you know whats and filled the water tank at Etruria Junction and then moved to the prime position outside the Toby Pub, we popped in for a cheapo carvery and a couple of pints, we will stay here tonight and move on tomorrow with the aid of our new crew member for a couple of days, Elaine's brother Trevor.
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