Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jolly Jubilee !

Elaine here ...

Well, did we ever pick a good year to start our journey !   What an amazing country this is when it pulls out all the stops ... we've been loving all the Jubilee events going on around the place.

On Monday, we had a visit from Jenny and Chris (who had been put in touch with us via Lesley at NB Caxton) - they drove up from Birmingham just to have a look at our boat - as they are thinking of having one built and wanted to check out the workmanship of the Barnowl boats!  My Dad and my Brother and Nephew all arrived at the same time for a quick visit, so we had a boat full ... cups of teas all round ! 

In the afternoon, and as we still had the hire car, we decided to make use of it and go for a ride ... we headed off (over the pennines) toward Buxton - Paul was virtually salivating at the Buxton Road as he imagined riding his (old) motorbike across it !  (It is a perfect bike riding road apparently ... lots of long open stretches, great bends but lots of visibility also).  We forgot to take our camera, but we still took a few shots with the mobile phone !

Not a great pic thro the windscreen, but you get the idea !
Paul took a fancy to this building - in the middle of nowhwere .. nooooooo!
 We passed through Buxon and somehow ended up in Bakewell - so we went off in search of some tarts !  It's such a pretty little town - there were lots of people about too!
Bunting in every little courtyard !
Even the new age mods were out for a spin!
Pretty little building
Cute little streets - reminded us of Cornwall quite a lot ...
Bunting and more bunting - even at the Austrian sausage shop !
Cute little street ...
Aha - we found the Bakewell Pudding factory
- also note the patriotic chappie just got out of his flash motor!
Time marched on, so we headed back to base - via the Buxton Road and the Cat and Fiddle Pub - a Mecca for bikies - although there weren't too many there when we passed by ...
Cat and Fiddle pub
 When we got back to Macc we went to watch the Queen's Jubilee concert with my Dad.  How fantastic was it - we really loved every minute of it !  We also made a night of it with lovely cheeses and pickles (from Crick !) and a bottle of red wine ! I was so glad the weather held out for the concert :) 

The next day we went for a walk along the towpath and noticed this boat being swung around in the breeze (not really - they did a really good job of it !) - I was just hoping they had taken all their glasses out and tied everything down !!
Flying Narrowboat !
We also found our first Diesel boat - so filled up again - thank you Anne-Marie and Brian on 'Peak Forest Canal Carrying Company/Renaissance'.  Lovely, helpful folk !

In the afternoon Paul decided to service the heater and generally make a big mess everywhere - which included digging everything out of the cratch - and leaving the big hole open!  Poor Bombo - he must have gone flying out the front (barking at something) and landed in the hole ... This is how I found him - having dug himself into a box and was very stuck, miserable and embarassed !
Poor puppy !
What a great expression !  "I'm just fed up - and now she is taking my photo!"
Last night we went for a lovely Thai meal with my Brother at Maliwan Thai in Macc (Sunderland St)  - it was really nice - and has our recommendation !  I also noticed the Snow Goose Cafe Bar over the road - looked like a cute little bar, with a band playing - so I commanded Paul to take me there soon !

So - up to today - Thursday - and we are on the move again ... Yay !  We got up late again though (it was the rain's fault!) - we are only on the way back to Bugsworth Basin again - it seems to be an ideal spot for Paul to service the engine.  Also, my brother told me that the Whaley Bridge Water Weekend is on this weekend - with all sorts of events - lots of narrowboats, Craft stalls etc., Morris Dancers and Music (including our favourite - Mr George Borowski again !) - so, it should be fun !  We will hang out there for a few days - and then head back to Macc for the last time - as my Sister and Brother in Law are coming to visit next weekend :)

THEN ... we will leave Macclesfield - honest !!!
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  1. I love that photo of Bombo, the expression says it all!


  2. Interesting post & nice pictures: I enjoyed reading it.