Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On The Caldon

We moored up Monday night just outside Congleton, very quiet - with a few sheep for company!

We motored off at 10.00am, passing a very nice residence towards the end of the Macc canal ...

When we got to bridge 91 there had been an incident where an old boy had fallen off the bridge onto the towpath.  The boat in front of us had stopped to administer first aid and call the ambos; he was dead chuffed that on giving the emergency services longitude and latitude coordinates they found them straight away. I thought it would be a bit rude to take pictures of some poor bugger's misfortune. I would also add that I don't like the sirens used on the ambulances, I know they do the job, but they really do scream! Much prefer the old beee-baab!  

We were soon at Harecastle tunnel and had a good speedy trip through. 

Once we got to the Caldon Canal we quickly filled the water tank and emptied the cassettes.

Now the important bit ... find a pub for the footy!  We went through our first staircase lock at Etruria.  Elaine was helped by one of the locals to open the gates, he looked pretty rough, but he was nice as pie and strong more to the point.  The first part of the canal was very industrial and a bit run down but with loads of moorings, but we didn't feel safe leaving the boat there; I'm sure it would have been fine but why risk it?  We did see lots of lads and lasses about, mostly snogging and smoking dope!

When we reached the Ivy House lift bridge Elaine was once again helped by a group of youngsters to stop the traffic and lift the bridge - once they had stopped snogging..... truly!

We eventually stopped at Milton and ran to the closest pub, The Millrace; they were showing the footy but for food only had one packet of crisps left ....once again, truly! We watched the first half there and then dashed around to the The Foxley, which was showing the footy plus had loads of crisps! We didn't have to buy any though as they put on free pies and mushy peas...result !  (Except Elaine is a veg head, so mushy peas and a bag of crisps for her!). It was a much better pub and atmosphere plus the good guys won! They even gave me a pie to take away....double result!

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