Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to Macc for the Last Time

We had a fantastic 6 days at Bugsworth Basin.  Before we left I decided to take the 2 dogs and walk to to the top of the towering peaks surrounding the basin ... well they don't really tower but they are quite high and I was fair knackered by the time I reached the summit!

Elaine stayed on board and made up her first batch of soap (in this country !)

Glam soap making outfit !
It was an overcast and drizzly day so the pics aren't the best.  The basin is in the middle ...

Still in the middle ...

Zoomed in for this pic Caxton is top left ...

By the time I got back the dogs and I were a tad muddy so we had a threesome in the shower; that is, I had a shower and also washed the 2 dogs!

On Wednesday night we went for dinner at the Navigation and had a good chat with Barn Owl No 6 owners, Mike and Sue (Caxton is Barn owl No 9).

So to today - we left Bugsworth Basin at the early hour (for us) of 10.30am !

We took the last pic of the Peak District; it is a fantastic part of the country and rates very highly in our 'Plan B of the UK experience' (when we decide to live on land - to experience living in a UK small town/village!)

I was fascinated by this bit of farm machinery - it cut the grass, rolled it into a bale, spat it out onto the next trailer where it was spun around and wrapped in plastic!

Finally jettisoned off the back!

I could do that!! 

Meanwhile a flock, herd, murder, gaggle of geese tried to stop us!

 After threatening to feed them some of Elaine's home made cake they moved over and let us through ...

Approaching Bollington with the White Nancy monument perched on top of the hill ...

Finally, we are moored up back in Macclesfield after motoring for over 7 hours!! (20 mins by car)

Plans for the weekend are......Friday night, Football - England vs Sweden - with Trev and Burt (El's dad) - at his place.

On Saturday Elaine's sister and hubby arrive so we are going to Sutton Hall for dinner with El's dad, brother, sister and hubby.  (Burt, Trev, Julie and Paul).

Sunday out for lunch/dinner with El's old school friend, Jane and hubby, Andy.

Monday morning we finally leave Macclesfield and head for........The Caldon Canal....don't ask!

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  1. I notice that this blog (Leo) has a photo of Bugsworth Basin, with Caxton moored up!